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Dear Shellee Rae,

The purity of love that encompassed this past weekend is something I will never forget and for which I will always have an eternal well of gratitude. The magic you create and the magnificence with which you hold our tender, open hearts is something I had really longed for and could not really express.

The container you have created is impeccable, impenetrable, seamless, safe, and solid. The level of integrity and clarity of boundaries really led to a sense of safety and open vulnerability that I had never experienced before. That container plus that elixir, plus your divine presence… I am just blown away. My heart feels like it is still exploding!

The healing and work continues. There is a long way to go. This grander journey has been the greatest gift of my existence. I feel humbled that it found me and humbled to be a vessel for it all. I hope I can make this universe better in some way as I move through.

Your container begins before and expands into and far beyond:
I am so grateful for Anu’s grace, professionalism, availability, clarity, and kindness as I went through the intake process. And Mitchell, holding space, taking care of us, working with us energetically, and bringing full compassion to the weekend was truly angelic.

~Heather S., Oregon

I consider Shellee a true bodhisattva and radiant guide who serves with humility, wisdom and grace. Please consider giving yourself the gift of her deep presence.

~Joy H., Oregon

During the time I have been working with Shellee, I have grown to greatly appreciate the nature of her gifts… I highly recommend spending time with Shellee Rae.

~Mark R., Sydney, Australia

More than just an event, a radical process of initiation…

~Pam C., New Hampshire

Shellee is the real deal. I watched her awaken.

~Cia K., New Mexico

Working with Shellee Rae has allowed me to confront and release issues around addictive/compulsive behaviors, past traumas, and has provided insight around negative, habitual thought patterns and cynicism that have limited or handicapped my development spiritually, physically and emotionally. In so doing, an opening has been created which has allowed for more inner spaciousness, a wellspring of gratitude for life and a further melting of my heart.

The space she provides is safe, loving and conducive to profound spiritual work and development.

During the past 15 years, I have been involved in a number of spiritual practices that have result in some significant personal growth. Working closely with Shellee Rae has been an accelerant for spiritual/personal growth. Insights into, and the release of, negative patterns that would normally take years to achieve through meditation or other practices have been gained very quickly through her ceremonies.

I was graced to have been able to recently attend another one of her weeklong retreats in Ashland, Oregon. It was well planned and the vegan food was delicious! – well-suited for the day’s activities. The space created throughout the week was one that fostered very close and intimate connections with the other participants. There was also the opportunity to do some significant internal work and releasing both during and after each of the individual ceremonies. The positive effects of the retreat are still resonating in my life.

~Patrick N., Massachusetts

Shellee Rae’s work is rocket fuel for spiritual transformation. I have felt clear about my direction for a long time. But I was playing with a script that had me progressing at a snail’s pace. As that self-limiting template loses its hold, my Authentic Life is rapidly deepening in a powerful and ongoing way. I find myself increasingly surrounded by the gifts of grace which were just waiting for me to say the word, “Yes.”

Shellee Rae is that rare Spiritual guide in whom the Awakened Presence glows with passion, grace, peace, confidence and a humility that exists only in those who have gone beyond the illusion of radical separateness. She lives in the fully-realized awareness of True Freedom, which has no external source or object.

She balances a deep compassion with the steady and potent awareness that you are not, in your Essential Self, the sufferer. This realization, she joyfully and effortlessly transmits—not just to your mind, but into your cells…

~Eli G., Bio-Spiritual Process Guide, New Hampshire

…I simply was not prepared for the profound depth of rest and relaxation that I experienced within a few minutes of Shellee beginning the work. I sensed I was actually feeling very deep levels of emotional release, as if I was being cleansed in places where I had not been able to feel before. As I went home I felt very peaceful and centered and these feelings stayed with me… Shellee did a Skype Bars session on me a week later and I was completely blown away by the power of this technique… She was able to recognize areas of trauma and to once again help move and cleanse stuck emotional energy from my body. I still feel the effects and am planning to regularly receive Bars treatments for a while. I have experienced many types of body work in my life, but nothing as profound as this with effects that appear to be life-changing and permanent.

~Max G., Colorado

…You just seem to know what it was I should do, and you led me there, the guide to the centre of my soul. I’ve been waiting for this all my life, and you brought me to this place. Thank you. It simply doesn’t seem enough to say just that, the gratitude is much more.

~I. Q., London

To say I am stunned and grateful beyond belief is an understatement. I consider myself generally to be a “difficult” person to work with. I’m often blocked, skeptical, and have a very tough time accessing deep feelings… I felt my heart open immediately and effortlessly. Enormous chunks of deep, old conditioned patterns were revealed and dropped away – patterns that had resisted years of work in psychotherapy and other modalities…

~Russell G., Oregon

I wish Shellee could experience how powerful her treatments are… amazing hands, incredible energy!

~Harry L., Massachusetts

Shellee is the real deal. Knowing Shellee personally, her light shines bright and true… She has helped me in ways I did not know were possible!

~Michael K., Oregon

Knowing and working with Shellee has been, and continues to be, a true gift. She has facilitated powerful transformational experiences for me that have opened my heart, brought profound insights, given needed guidance, and pointed me in glorious new directions on my evolutionary path. She is infinitely compassionate, insightful, empathetic, loving, and generous, and I am so grateful to be able to say she is one of my most cherished and beloved teachers and friends.

~P. B., California

Thank you so much for doing this retreat! It was just what I needed – I had so much healing and a huge shifting of energy! I feel SOOOO much better now than I did when we started the retreat on Thursday. I was so stuck… the powerful ceremony circle and healing environment that you created, and the wonderful energy work you did on me, I was able to clear so much old (this life, past life….) and stuck negative energy! My heart was opened and I have been filled with so much love and caring – I feel like a new person!!! …I feel like I have shed about 200 pounds of heaviness and I feel ready to engage with the world again from a place of love! Love – open my heart, love – illuminate my mind!!! Blessings to you Shellee Rae!

~K. D., California

I was so impressed by the integrity and the beauty in which Shellee Rae conducts her ceremonies. She is truly gifted in working with energy, and it is so apparent when she holds her sacred space. She is great at working with groups, yet she gives amazing individual attention to everyone who attends. The music, the people, and the environment couldn’t be more conducive to healing, and gaining clarity and insight into the circumstances of one’s life. I would highly recommend to anyone that does shamanic work, whether they are new or experienced, to sign up for a session with Shellee Rae.

~S. V., California

The retreat was everything I hoped for and more. I came in desiring a life-changing experience and came out reborn, renewed, awakened to my true self. It’s the day after the retreat and I’m still confident, grounded, and inspired by my connection… I have no doubt in my mind that I am equipped now to take on what was before unclear… I’m so grateful. The energy work and private counseling provided by Shelleerae and her assistant were divine. Her home is warm and the energy of Ashland and surrounding nature is supportive. I am forever changed, awakened into my heart and open to the abundance of what is true and present. Thank you. Thank you.

~E. J., Washington

It is a true blessing to be able to work with Shellee. She operates out of the highest levels of skill, integrity, and wisdom. After working with her for more than a year in numerous ceremonies, I have received profound insights and healing that I can honestly say have been truly transformational and life-changing – for the better! I have worked with a number of healers and shamans in the US and South America, and I can give Shellee my unconditional recommendation as a truly gifted healer and a master medicine worker. I am lucky to be able to work with her!

~K. D., California

…I have participated in numerous events including ceremony and table ceremony. Shellee Rae is always sensitive, caring and intuitive in her work. She pays attention to detail and is always aware, even before I am, what is or may be happening. One of her finest traits, I believe, is her ability to listen in a way that makes you feel that you are her total focus. I would recommend Shellee Rae without reservation for any event she leads.

~K. H., California

My experience working with Shellee Rae is that of working with an angel. She holds such sacred space for the deepest work possible in these transforming bodies. I healed one of the biggest areas of shame…my father’s lineage of abuse and addiction, in one glorious and powerful session. I often recommend her to my clients!

~C. D., Oregon

Shellee is a gifted healer. I’ve done sacred ceremony sessions and energy work with her, all with beautiful results. She helped me release old stuck emotions, let go of old attachments, understand my patterns, and bring deeper peace into my life. She conducts her work in a safe, compassionate, and highly professional manner. I referred my friends to Shellee and they all love working with her. I highly recommend connecting with Shellee.

~M. G., California

Shellee Rae is a remarkable person, gifted healer and wise spiritual counselor. Her dedication to serving Spirit, selfless commitment to helping others awaken to their true self, and inspirational being-ness is beautiful to behold. I am blessed to know Shellee Rae and to have seen firsthand Goodness and Light use her as their willing instrument in my personal healing and others. She is a lovely person and you will be blessed by her assistance, spiritual or otherwise.

~E. A., Colorado

…I have felt calmer yet more aware since the ceremony, have a better grasp on life and my place in the universe. I have been able to easily come from a place of love with my interactions with other people and the world. Life is truly sacred, each moment is truly sacred.

~J. H., Colorado

My first experiences with Shellee Rae occurred years ago as a young teenager receiving Reiki treatments. Many years later, during a time of deep suffering, I reached out to Shellee Rae for guidance without knowing exactly what to expect.

Over the past two years, our work has led to a profound shift in consciousness. While working together in sessions over Skype, she revealed another dimension of the human experience and masterfully served as a guide in letting go of past traumas and the mind-based egoic self. Shedding toxic conditioned patterns of thought and behavior, I un-learned many things I once thought I “knew,” and my previous interaction with life, once governed by a constant sense of fear and anxiety, gave way to a new way of being with the world.

During the journey of my kundalini awakening, she has been a constant source of presence, love, support, and wisdom. Throughout the intense experiences associated with a full-body awakening, she continuously helped navigate the challenges. Embodying a deep sense of spacious awareness, her gentle and direct guidance serve as a compass back into being-ness; a oneness with your self.

Shellee Rae has had a deep and lasting effect on my relationship with each moment of life as it unfolds. Many search their entire lives for a spiritual guide like Shellee. I am grateful that my search led to her. Each person she touches will be impacted in their own unique way by the gifts Shellee offers this world.

~ Andrew, Ohio