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Opportunities to Contribute to the Awakening of Humanity

Humanity, indeed life on Earth, has been in a period of unprecedented and increasing upheaval and change for the last five decades or more, and as these circumstances continue to escalate, the collective “we” is truly at a crossroads. It has become all-too-clear that the only real solution is awakening and transformation on a global scale. The dysfunction in our world is a reflection of the dysfunction and inner turmoil that are carried inside, to varying degrees, by many people on an individual, personal level. What is in one is in the whole. While movements throughout history have attempted to create change with war, revolution, oppression, coercion, and other aggressive, ineffective, and counterproductive methods, we are finally faced with the only true answer: that the only way positive global awakening and transformation can actually take place at a sustainable level is when awakening and transformation happen at a deep, personal level for each and every person on the planet. This is the work in which ROLM is focused: creating opportunities for individual spiritual growth, awakening, and transformation to take place, one person at a time.

The Fund for a Rae of Light Retreat Center

In December 2022, a new ROLM retreat center was born in Ashland, Oregon. Funding from donations to the ROLM Retreat Center creation project assisted in the purchase of this property. Shellee Rae and the ROLM ministers and board of directors are deeply grateful to our members for donations to this fund and for assistance in making the ROLM retreat center a reality.

The ROLM Scholarship Fund

One way to support ROLM’s important work is to donate to ROLM’s scholarship fund, which provides funding for ROLM members who would like to participate in and benefit from ROLM’s offerings but need some financial assistance in order to make their participation possible. ROLM maintains a year-round scholarship fund and makes its resources available based on level of need.

Donate to Our Scholarship Fund

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The ROLM General Fund

One way to support ROLM’s important work is to donate to ROLM’s General Fund, which provides funding for various needs such as upkeep and maintenance of the ROLM Retreat Center, sacred ceremony spaces and equipment, purchases to support the growing and preparation of our sacrament, and other needs.

Donate to Our General Fund

Your donation is tax deductible. This link will take you to PayPal, where you can donate using your PayPal account or a debit or credit card. Thank you.

Our Work is an Act of Humble, Sacred Service

Rae of Light Ministries (ROLM) is an intimate spiritual organization dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness through serving individual awakening, healing, and transformation for each and every soul with whom we are privileged to share this great work. Our work is intended to be an act of humble, sacred service through the infinite source of divine love.

ROLM’s Founder, Shellee Rae

ROLM was founded by Shellee Rae in 2012, incorporating sacred ceremonies into her work as an answer to her own personal calling to be of deeper service to the awakening of humanity. An accomplished energy healer and Reiki Master since 1998, Shellee Rae is also the author of four books on the path of awakening, a nutritional expert, certified aromatherapist, and an award-winning massage therapist. Having experienced a kundalini awakening and a full embodied awakening in 2008, she is also a gifted personal and spiritual guide, working with people from around the world to support and assist them during life’s challenges and in their own awakening processes. Those who work with Shellee Rae often refer to her using the term “shaman” or “curandera,” but Shellee Rae simply calls herself an “unTeacher,” helping all those whose lives she touches to “un-learn” that which no longer serves them in their lives and on their paths to returning to the wholeness of that which they really are.

The Service of Offering Sacred Ceremony

In addition to spiritual guidance, Reiki healing and training, personal counseling, our monthly Hummingbird Circle, and other offerings and events, ROLM’s primary act of service is the regular offering of sacred ceremonies for its members, which open the door to awakening and transformation for hundreds of people per year in various locations. Sacred ceremonies offer those who feel a personal spiritual calling to this work the opportunity to dive deeply into their own spiritual awakening and transformation, empowering them to approach their lives and their experience of life’s challenges with clarity, love, and a new understanding of how to follow their own deep, inner guidance. These truly sacred events are profoundly spiritual, bringing this work to individuals and small groups in daytime and overnight sacred ceremonies which are organized and facilitated with great care and skill by the ROLM team of ministers and guardians.

All donations are tax deductible. Rae of Light Ministries is a registered, unincorporated 508(c)(1)(a) non-profit, tax exempt FBO (Faith Based Organization). The 508(c)(1)(a) is applicable in all 50 United States and recognized internationally under the Hague Convention of the United Nations Charter.

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