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Apply to Participate in Sacred Ceremony

Thank You for Your Interest in Joining Us

Participation in Sacred Ceremony is not to be taken lightly. Our detailed application process has been created in order to be sure that all those who join us for this work are ready and able to participate healthfully, safely, and with great awareness and clear intention.

New Applicants

In order to participate in Sacred Ceremony, you will need to become a member of Rae of Light Ministries. To do so, please complete our preliminary application (below). Once we hear from you, we will contact you to arrange a short telephone interview with you. 

Current ROLM Members

If you currently a member of Rae of Light Ministries (ROLM) but are not yet registered in this online system, please complete this preliminary application (below) and click the button indicating that you are a ‘Current ROLM Member.’

Once we verify your member status, you will be sent a link to complete your registration process by filling out our questionnaire. We appreciate your completing this process for us. Thank you.

Preliminary Application

Important Note: If you are taking – or have taken in the past three months – antidepressants or medication for high blood pressure, you are not eligible to join us for Sacred Ceremony. To discuss options, contact us for further information.

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Please also note:
In communications via email, text, web, and phone, we do not refer to our sacrament by its traditional name. Instead, we use the name “Mamacita.” Please join us in this effort whenever you are communicating with us, including here in your application. Thank you.

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  • We love your privacy. Your information is safe with us! We'll never sell or share it.
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    New Applicants: Once we review your submission, we will contact you to arrange a short telephone interview.
    Current ROLM Members: Once we verify your member status, you will receive an approval email to continue your registration process.

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