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Aperture for God

Aperture for God

Dear Blessed One,

I was talking with someone the other day and all of a sudden she could see the trap of the mind, and the ease of just BEing here. From the heart of innocence she said, “Oh my God, it’s a no-brainer!” The words struck both of us deeply and we had a good laugh.

YES! It’s a no-brainer.

The tree does not think about how to grow, how to be, how to age, or how to soften and return to the earth. It just does it. I know, I know, I’ve been told that trees don’t have the capacity to think. We could learn a lot from a tree.

What I’m pointing to is the natural flow of Life. You are an aperture for God to experience itself. You are the sense-organ for spirit.

How would you live if you knew that you were not in charge of any of it? How would you respond to your experience if you knew it is not possible to control life, nor is it possible to make a mistake?

Nothing has gone wrong here. Life is a self-correcting system. Going way LEFT can cause the opposite move of way RIGHT, and as the pendulum continues its swing, we eventually find center. It may not happen in the way a limited-mind-view might expect, however, it does self-correct always. The lefts and rights are useful to find center, and it all has purpose.

Life challenges, victories, losses, pain, and bliss…it’s all part of the process of waking up from the dream of separation.

The evolution/expansion of Consciousness is what’s going on here and you have a big part in it.

Nothing to fix, nothing to find, nothing to fight, only to follow the Divine Inspiration that flows naturally and organically through you. Exhale. Empty. What’s here holding it all? What’s here without belief? What’s here without thought? Who are you without learned, programmed, conditioned reactions?

What would you be doing if you knew that none of this is ultimately real? And by the way, all of it is real. It’s been designed to feeeeeel reeeeeal…otherwise it would be like trying to convince oneself that the awkward, not well-rehearsed play on stage that one is acting in is real. Everyone would be looking at each other saying, “You do not really believe this do you?!”

Have you ever had a lucid dream? Becoming lucid in this dream changes everything. Nothing on the outside changes, though the way we see, feel, respond to life, the whole experience of life, is forever changed.

Stop listening to or believing the mind and all its stories. Take one conscious breath and see what’s moving IN you. Every time you notice the mind winding up (in all its subtle ways), in that moment you can make the choice to stop listening and bring awareness to the body.

Drop into your heart, your body, something that you can bring awareness to in the physical (or emotional) body. Notice whenever the mind comes in with a story about what you’re doing. Thank it for its programmed opinion and drop back IN.

If you do stop and drop enough, pop will happen on its own. Popping free from the mind-identified self creates a sense of greater freedom, relaxation, ease, lucidity…the effortlessness of BEing.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“You must unlearn what you have learned.”