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Are We Listening?

Are We Listening?

Dear Blessed One,

This month’s AT is arriving late and without frills. I am on the road and my computer crashed a few days ago. I’ll be home 7/17 and hopefully
‘back to normal’ soon there after.
Grace guides us in all that we do. The question is, are we listening?

Have you set aside time to be still and touch into the vastness of who you are? This is not a place of thinking or attempting to figure
anything out. This is where you drop into the body, completely.

What do you feel? If you’re not feeling an emotion, what are you sensing in your physical body? Is there tightness in your jaw or belly?
What does that feel like? Stay there.

Your mind is going to want to take you other places and that’s okay. Don’t resist, just notice and then drop back into feeling. You can
practice this with other people, places, or situations too. Start with small things first. If something happens that stirs your feeling body,
be with that without reacting or responding – when you can. Sense how it feels to allow what’s there to be there without following the urge to
repair the false self (which is the part of you that wants to react when it feels attacked).

Feeling ‘what is’ is a great way of practicing presence. This practice is a magical way of bringing awareness to the present moment. Presence
is the key ingredient in awakening.

Listen in to the depths of your being. Be here, and when the mind takes you elsewhere, just keep coming back to this very moment in time, it’s all there is.

Blessings and Much Love to you,


Rest. No thing to do. Allow what’s here to be here. The more you let it have you, the less it has of you.