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Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Dear Blessed One,

Imagine you are on a mystery trip travelling at 70 mph to an address when all of a sudden blinking signs warn you of road construction ahead. What do you do? Yes, you slow down of course. Eventually you get through the slow spot and are moving at a good clip again.

The excitement builds as your speed increases, and the mind is wondering about the mystery destination. What will it be like? Why have I been sent there? Who else will be there? What will I do when I arrive?

Further up the road as you are coming into a city area, there is traffic congestion and again you slow down, and again eventually you move through that sluggish area. All the while, whether road construction, heavy traffic, weather hazards, etc, you are still travelling.

During the times of adjustment to your speed for the road conditions you can fume about it, struggle and stress about it, or you can rest with what is arising in the moment. Ah-traffic. Oh-construction. Hmm-detour. You could even get curious about it and wonder what this pause in your path is for, or what it might be creating just out of your limited view, or simply enjoy the scenery.

There are many times in our lives when we hit walls, when the flow feels frozen, or we land in flatness, feel disconnected. These times are just as important (if not more so) as the times of joy, connection, flow, etc. They are times when the road is being repaired, the landslide is being cleared, a treacherous accident being avoided, and it’s important to slow down from 70 mph to a speed that’s more appropriate for the surroundings. You are still moving, it just might not look like you thought it would.

Finally, after the many miles, bumps, pauses, and detours, the GPS announces you have arrived at your destination. You are greeted in an empty lot by the One who sent you and you are questioned about all the details of your journey.

The One who sent you eagerly asks if you enjoyed the magnificent red woods along the avenue of the giants. Then with much enthusiasm points out the detour that took you along the jagged coast for amazing views there. Next you’re asked how you felt as you crested the summit and glimpsed that stellar vista. And if you stopped at the sweet mom & pop cafe, or camped at the elk sanctuary, and on and on the questions come at you regarding the many areas you passed blindly through, while focused on some projected landing point.

Rather than saying, “Are we there yet?”, consider the possibility that there is no there, only Here. The clearing of conditionings, concepts, and patterns (which prevent you from recognizing that the destination is wherever you are) will free you from the box of limited living.

Allow the slower pace, the flat times, emptiness to be there. No thing to struggle with or fix, it’s clearing debris from your field so that you can see more clearly what’s here, and move more freely in That.

When we open our eyes with our hearts open too, we can easily detect the miraculous in every moment. Nothing better or more miraculous than Now!

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away,
Waiting to take you away…” ~The Beatles