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As You Heal, So Does The World

As You Heal, So Does The World

Dear Blessed One,

You can not not express God. It’s all there is.

God is manifest here in your form.

God moves thru you touching the lives of everyone you come in contact with. They too are God expressing.

God touching God. That’s what’s going on here. There is rhyme and reason here. There is order and perfection here.

The human mind may not be able to comprehend the purpose of some one or some thing but the mind of God knows.

Rest with that. Wasting energy trying to figure out, “Why?”, can cause suffering.

Rather, see if you can look upon your experience here as a catalyst to opening your heart and discovering the truth of Who you are.

Each time a judgment arises about life, take a moment to drop more deeply into your experience.

Instead of letting a story carry you away, feel it. See what comes. It may very well bring up anger or pain from an old wound of the past.

Life is giving you an opportunity to completely feel your past pain, the one that got frozen in your being, the one that got stuffed because it wasn’t safe to feel.

Feel it now, take it right into your being and give it to your heart. Love will heal and integrate as you allow all of it to be felt.

As you heal, so does the world. Don’t let the distractions of the outside world keep you blinded to You.

Your purpose is to remember Who you are, then you can remind those around you by reflecting That.

Tag, you’re It.

Blessings and Much Love to you,

Ordinary God

This morning I fell in love with the floor and the dust mop…
A feeling of total reverence
Like a fountain of pink bubbles rising to the surface
God gently gliding over God
While carefully collecting pieces of God
So whole
So complete
Where is God not?