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Birthing a New You

Birthing a New You

Dear Blessed One,

There is a dimension within you that is far deeper than the movement of thought. A depth of stillness and a felt sense of connection that is there always. However, if there is a lot of mental noise, you probably won’t notice it very often.

Identification with the mind-created sense of self stands in the way of realizing and experiencing the magnificent depths, expansiveness, and freedom of being.

You are more than just a personal history. You are more than the pseudo sense of self. The challenge in discarding the pseudo-self is that those identified with it believe it’s who they are.

Thought is like a little cling-on and it wants more awareness…so it can grow, so it can feed the mind-created sense of self. Eventually the noise is so pervasive that it drowns out the voice of stillness that naturally comes through you, and is then misidentified as the one in charge. It’s possible to allow thoughts to arise without following them or believing them.

Break the cycle.

In the moment you recognize that you have been caught in the magnetism of thought, pause for one conscious breath. Remind yourself, “I am here.” Feel your feet on the floor, your bottom on the chair, the cool air on your face, your heart, anything in the realm of feeling to cause pause in the thought-cycle.

Oh the pull, the alluring scent of a thought, as one tantalizing morsel leads to another…

“I think I’ll go check the mail…I wonder if that check has come in from the insurance company…it’s way overdue…I’m going to call those s.o.b.’s when I get back in and give them a piece of my mind…oh I haven’t returned Tom’s call yet…better call him first…he’s probably mad at me by now…his patience is pretty thin…which reminds me, I need to get back on my diet…I think I’ll start that on Mon because I’ve got that potluck this weekend…darn those vegans…what will I bring?”

Utter clutter, distractions to keep you from being Here. Just here, now. None of it needs thought, consideration, or attention. Presence is all that is ever needed to manage the details of life.

Where is life guiding you right now? One does not need a narration about checking the mail to check the mail. The energy expended in mental dialogue is far more than what would be used in just responding to life’s subtle leading.

Oftentimes during the awakening process, the mind becomes even more activated. This may be because it recognizes its demise, it may also be that the intense chatter is part of the process to help short-circuit the mind. At this point in one’s evolution, many think they must be going crazy. I was convinced that I was losing my mind – and am forever grateful that I finally did!

Hang in there. Drop into body-awareness. Ground. Unplug and be in nature as much as you can. Breathe deeply. Get support from someone who can hold loving space for you, and remind you that you’re okay. See if you can be in your process without turning it into a drama, which is just more mental activity.

Dislodging oneself from conditioned, dysfunctional, and addictive thinking can feel painful and scary. Just like childbirth though, the outcome is beautiful.

Let yourself die to the one you think you are. You are birthing a new you…the one who is innately free.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“You can be without your psychological mind but your psychological mind cannot be without you. Judge which is the greater and be one with that. Your mind wants a Hollywood freedom, it wants to be a star, but your self is the Universe, stay there.”