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Bone Jarringly Deep

Bone Jarringly Deep

Dear Blessed One,

I was working in southern California in January and while out doing errands a woman ran a red light and “t-boned” me, driving directly into my door. Fortunately, the RAV4 I drive is a hefty vehicle, I’m still alive, and the injuries are healing.

From there I moved on to Mexico where I had dental surgery scheduled (the main purpose of my trip south). After seeing the results of the CT scans, we discovered the surgery was going to be more extensive than I had imagined. I was in surgery for seven hours.

And now home, healing…
I have a felt sense that something bone jarringly deep was dislodged from the experiences. I don’t have an idea of what, just bubbles of sadness being released. On numerous occasions tears spontaneously began streaming from an unknown source. Oh, this dance of life!

I’m certain that once the old frozen energetics are thoroughly cleansed from my field, I’ll have access to more light.

The last few months have not been easy for me. I’ve heard many are experiencing painful challenges. As difficult and frustrating as life can feel at times, while we allow and experience our feelings that are coming up, it’s important to hold in the other hand the perfection and beauty of life. You may still want to give life the finger, (that’s okay, don’t judge) however, remembering helps us get through the rough spots.

Unless we have the bird’s eye view, we don’t know what the seeming accident or extensive surgery is creating just out of our view. All for a reason. Truly.

Layers and layers of ego identification are dissolved through the challenges of life. As we surrender what we are not, we become more aware of what we are. We surrender when we can no longer hold on, and that’s when we pass through the proverbial eye of the needle. You are not your job title, you are not your thoughts (they’re not even yours), you are not what outside sources say that you are. You are so much greater than what the mind can conceive.

Go beyond the mind. Be so present in your body that the thought stream you used to listen to (and believe) is now uninteresting and so far away it’s almost undetectable.

Breathe deep often, be still and drop in, listen to the heart, follow what feels light. That’s life calling you.

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“How could you have imagined obstacles into existence, if existence wasn’t already there for you to imagine the obstacles into?”
~ Bentinho Massaro