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Can I Die?

Can I Die?

Dear Blessed One,

Okay, I know it seems like a silly question…
To the limited human perspective.

Many people who work with me have been asking various questions about dying.
Some of the queries are…
– What happens when we leave our bodies?
– Is it possible that I need more lives to reach enlightenment?
– What if I die before awakening?
– Can I die?

I’ve talked a bit about parallel realities and it is through infinite parallel realities that we have the sense of movement. There is much to say about this (perhaps I’ll go into more detail about this in my next book).

Most people have been through something in their life where they wondered how it was possible that they survived (auto accidents, falls from high places, disease, etc.). Often what happens is that we don’t survive in that particular reality (or what I call the dream-stream). We shift to (usually) the next closest parallel reality (a slightly different vibration from the one previously in) so that it seems coherent to the reality we remember.

This generally happens because we haven’t completed what we came to experience and desire/attachment throws us into another dream-stream. Because we exist in infinite parallel realities, all vibrating at different frequencies, we have access to them simply by shifting our frequency.

The constant shifting we do from one reality to the next in every millisecond to create the experience of movement is most of the time done unconsciously – or automatically, like you are not consciously tuned into beating your heart.

Becoming aware of the nature of reality (no time or space – literally), it’s all here now, we can gain access to other vibrational realities.

One way to do this is to bring awareness into the heart. Breathe and be still. In stillness, set the intention to experience a new reality, one that feels good to your being. Don’t expect to pop out of your meditation and land in a million-dollar home with your soulmate. Rather, set the intention to experience the vibrational reality where the conditions are in place for you to meet a compatible partner, or to shift to the reality where your lifestyle brings abundance, etc.

The vibrational reality you shift to has to do with your vibrational resonance, which has to do with how you feeeel, think and act. The more conscious we become of our vibration, the more malleable the dream-stream (if it’s relevant to you).

So, what happens when we leave our bodies? We leave this version of our bodies over and over as we are constantly shifting out of this reality and into the next and the next… Do we need more lives? We are infinite and so is life. You’ve had innumerable lives in this one experience of you. What if I die before awakening? Shift, shift, shift until what you’ve come to experience is completed. Your higher essence knows the moves. Not to worry… infinite parallel realities means infinite opportunities to awaken. Can I die? Nope. You are life and life is eternal.

I have awakened from the dream of death numerous times and did not understand what happened… like a glitch in the matrix. I was here, then gone, and then here again with no memory of how I got back here. I’ve also had many vibrational experiences during an oops, this might be the end and miraculously am on the other side of the situation unscathed.

You may want to reread the A-Tips One-Split-Second and Parallel Realities.

Whatever you have come to experience in this dream-stream, you are experiencing it. How might you honor the life you’re experiencing while checking your periphery to see if there’s room for another movement?

Be still, breathe, become aware of the thoughts you are thinking/believing and then begin the journey into the heart. The heart is where we change our frequency.

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“When you are aligned with the truth of who you truly are, then you experience bliss.”
~ Vivian Amis