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Choice is an Anchor

Choice is an Anchor

Dear Blessed One,

I’ve heard so many people ask about free-will, question whether we have choices here, and insist that they’ve grown, changed somehow through the many choices they’ve made.

Whilst I’m sure more comfortable ways of playing the game of life are discovered everyday by using the plethora of methods of self-inquiry, shadow-work, energy-clearing modalities, etc., one must be careful to not get drawn into a game of chase.

Once I heal my childhood wounds, relationship issues, money struggles, obsessive tendencies, secrets of the past, then for sure I’ll be pure enough to awaken.

I’ve been caught in that game of chase. It’s a never-ending story. All the things I did or thought I ought to do to become clear enough, worthy enough, spiritual enough to awaken became one disappointment after another as I was left standing over and over again with my unstamped “Enlightened” card. Even though the techniques were helpful in various ways, the only technique needed to be here is to stop looking elsewhere.

Use as many methods, teachers, or gurus as you feel drawn to use. Getting your balance is okay, it’s all okay. Recognize when you’re getting attached to some method, or teacher, and then be sure to attach to one who is free, they will be your reminder to not attach to anything!

Just notice that you are relying on training wheels, and you won’t know what a wild ride you might be capable of until you take them off. Once balance is achieved, then you can ride anywhere with anyone ~ just for the joy of it.

Until the idea that anything has to happen to be here –complete, whole, fully alive, and awake– is dropped, the illusion of separation and suffering will continue. Free-will, choice, these are ideas of separation.

The idea of choice is an anchor. Life knows where it’s going, let It lead you.

When all choice is surrendered, then the Essence of Life itself moves freely through you, guides you, and carries you effortlessly through the dream of self. Then one is responding as a conduit of Life, rather than reacting as a separate entity attempting to conquer all the challenges of humanity.

Free-will, choice, these are just more clouds in the thought-storm. Be willing to let it all go, the idea of control, the joy, sorrow, suffering, the story, and then die over and over again to what’s being born in each moment.

Here, just here, there is undefinable magic.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“Only words and conventions can isolate us from the entirely undefinable something which is everything.” ~Allan Watts