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Chrysalis to Butterfly

Chrysalis to Butterfly

Dear Blessed One,

We are constantly being born. Each and every thing that comes to us is sent as a gift from the divine, to help us awaken, to assist us in remembering our true nature.

These “gifts” could be compared to hormones, which cause a reaction in our environment. Often these gifts do not feel “good”, and may very well look messy. They might push us to the very edge of who we think we are, and that’s their purpose. Our seed design needs this ‘outer provocation’ to stimulate transformation, the flowering of a new you, or rebirth.

See if you can free yourself from the story of the situations that are present and just feel the feelings that these things evoke.

Do you think the acorn screamed as it cracked open and began to sprout? Did the caterpillar panic when the hormone was excreted that began the process of chrysalis to butterfly? These events are programmed in the cells of the seed and embryo, and like you, in your soul.

The birthing process can look horrible to someone who does not understand what is happening. The outcome is miraculous. We only need remember to breathe, follow our inner knowing, feel the feelings, ride the waves, share deeply with another when we can, and remember the beauty of life and its amazing metamorphoses.

What if you were to ask yourself as you’re being challenged with a difficult situation if this is the hormone that stimulates the growth of adult cells and the programmed death of the larval cells? See if you can just be with all the movement in your body, and not go into a story about it, which perpetuates suffering. Feeling what gets triggered is the way through the difficulty.

If I’d known this while I was growing up, perhaps I wouldn’t have used drugs and alcohol for 27 years to cover up all the pain of the sexual and physical abuse that I endured for years as a young girl. But then, that wasn’t part of my soul seed. Life had something else in store for me, and for that I am grateful.

All the Power and Presence there is constantly bathes us in its ecstatic and eternal embrace ~ move through the rough spots and tap into your exquisite nature. ♥

Much Love and Blessings to You,

“Did the tomato seed stop to wonder why its life force was imprisoned in the molecules of a seed? Did it look forward to the time when the seed would die of old age and set its life force free? No, it realized instead that it was in the seed for a purpose, that through the seed it could work its way to full maturity, to full fruition. It realized that within the seed its divine pattern was contained.”
~Ruby Nelson