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Closer Than Breath

Closer Than Breath

Dear Blessed One,

Perhaps I’ve already told you about an experience I had in my early Reiki days (18 years or so ago).

I got sober in 1997 and, no longer anesthetized by drugs or alcohol, began releasing a lot of buried pain. It seemed the tears were never-ending. At some point I felt guided to hold a picture of 9-year-old me and began sending Reiki to young Shellee, who had gone through hell. I was sending loving energy to the wounded little girl in hopes of helping the present challenging state.

As my mind softened and I drifted into a sense-feeling of my young self, I recalled having occasional waves of something holding me through the trauma of my life. Seeing from the adult perspective, it seemed to be the very thing that was giving young-me the strength to continue living.

As I was sending Reiki through the picture, suddenly I realized that it was me now holding young-me, that there was no separation between that time as a young girl and this time as an adult! It blew my mind and I dropped the picture in fear. That rabbit-hole was too deep to go down alone; I wasn’t sure I would find my way back. However, it didn’t take long before I realized we could drastically change our present-day life by healing our past.

Great and deep healing happened for me over the next six-months while working regularly on my younger self.

All aspects of self are here and now, vibrating at different frequencies…infinite parallel realities, and we have access to them. The more evolved aspects of self are having effects on the less evolved ones, moving them into a higher state, which of course also affects the more evolved aspects. All of this is moving evolution forward faster and faster. It’s infinite in both directions, so to speak, no beginning, no end.

Science has recently proven that the universe is expanding exponentially.

Whatever is showing up in life is the flowering of what was earlier seeded. Just because it’s taken root doesn’t mean it can’t be pruned, grafted, or even plucked from your garden.

Misidentification of “I” with the body and mind will not free you from the story of the past. Drop into stillness. Send love to the one who suffered/is suffering. Notice when the mind comes in to justify the pain or to judge the offender and calmly bring attention back to stillness in the heart while continuing to send love. This simple practice can completely transform your present reality.

Pay attention to where you are. Are you living in fear? Waiting for the other shoe to drop? Hoping for something else? Watch the patterns of the mind and all its antics. You will not find the truth of what you are in the mind. It’s not figureoutable.

The essence of Life itself is what you are. It’s not inside or outside of you. It is you and you are It. Presence. Be. Here. Now. Looking elsewhere would be like the ocean seeking water. Closer than the breath

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”
~ T. S. Eliot