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Dear Blessed One,

As we awaken, we become more and more aware of shadow aspects of self, ways of being that we were not privy to in the deep sleep state. With more consciousness online, those parts of ourselves that were lurking in the bowels of our beings can no longer hide as they are touched with the light of God – your higher essence.

It can be very painful and confusing to face these things as they come up for release. It helps to remember that you are healing and expanding, not screwing up, even though it may look like the latter.

Nothing is going wrong. The shadow aspects have always been there, you’ve just not had access to them.

Imagine the basement of your house that you’ve been in thousands of times, but only just inside the door to throw laundry in the machines. That’s all that was ever needed. One day something goes wrong with the plumbing and you need to get to the far end of the room. Locating the main switch for the bright overhead lights, you are shocked to see all the cobwebs and creepy crawlies living in the space. They were there all along, you just didn’t have enough light to see them.

It’s good to see what’s hiding behind images, facades, pride, fear, etc. When shadow comes to the surface (or is pointed out to us), just see it, shine the light of awareness on it. Feel everything that comes up as you face it. Talk openly and honestly to someone you trust about the challenge of facing what may be defined as ugly.

Life is not punishing us for anything. The bugs were always in the basement and now we’re getting to see them so we can clear them out. That’s a good thing. When the lights go on, it can feel overwhelming. Remember to take it easy. Don’t attempt to clean the whole house when you’re working in the basement.

Look around and see what has to be done. If it’s not on the have-to list, put it on the wait-list. Awakening can be a very trying time. In every moment there’s an opportunity to do-over. If you’re judging yourself or forcing yourself, pause and start over. Remove the chains of conditioned mind and give yourself the space to be still as much as possible during the tumultuous waves of awakening.

Commit to the KISS principle…keep it super simple. 😘

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“Spiritual awakening is the difficult process whereby the increasing realisation that everything is as wrong as it can be flips suddenly into the realisation that everything is as right is it can be. Or better, everything is as It as it can be.”
~ Alan Watts