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Don’t Mind the Mind

Don’t Mind the Mind

Dear Blessed One,

Where are you? Are you tuned into the inner world while also experiencing the outer world? Are your words and actions in alignment with your thoughts and feelings?

Many are sleepwalking, having very little or no awareness of their bodies or their feelings. They are not here.

We’ve been trained to project into the future, long for or lament about the past, and multitask right out of the present moment.

While following thoughts, giving them our attention, we jump right out of body-awareness, and are lured into an imaginary world.

A thought is not self-sustained. It needs you for fuel. It needs your attention, your belief.

Don’t mind the mind. Don’t invest any attention or importance to it. It’ll begin to lose its power, and the grip loosens.

Just watch as the thoughts come and go. Thoughts are like the wind, let them blow on by. Let them make their noise like the wind through the trees. You’re going to get whipped around if you attempt to follow them. Bring total awareness to the one who is watching the thoughts come and go.

You are bigger than thought.

Bringing attention back into the body is another way to break the thinking-habit.

Ask yourself at any time, “What am I feeling?” Locate something in your body, a tension, an emotion, anything, and go there. Be with it. Sense all of its little nuances.

Stay present for all things. When reaching for food, ask, “What am I feeding?” It’s an interesting investigation that tends to uncover unconscious patterns, and in the seeing comes the freeing. Clearing debris from the unconscious can create an opening for discovering the subtle essence that animates all things.

Don’t make it a new practice, another doing, a means to an end. Make it the end. Not a doing while hoping for something else to happen as the outcome of a doing, but an inquiry, just bringing more consciousness online. Truly simply being here.

I simply AM!

Are you holding onto something that is more important than freedom? Take a look.

Awaken to the effortlessness of being…the recognition of that which doesn’t sleep or wake.

Die to who you think you are. You are the one you are looking for. Reeeeeeally!

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“Every thought and every breath is a breath
and a thought occurring in awareness;
and we are that awareness,
that thought-less and breath-less awareness.”