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Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

Dear Blessed One,

Are you feeling a bit like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, or like Dorothy and wondering where the heck Kansas went? If not, you must have an incredible sense of balance, deep grounding, or perhaps powerful denial.

The energy shifting that is going on right now has many people in a dizzy-tizzy at times ~ self included. Hold onto your hats because it’s not over yet! As a matter of fact the energies will be accelerating throughout 2013.

During high energy times the veils get very thin and things may seem strange in your world. I’ve recently received spontaneous initiations from spirit and am now occasionally seeing dear ones from the other side show up during sessions with gifts and messages for my clients. Trippy.

The winds of great change are upon us. The planet and our souls are calling in higher consciousness here, steadily increasing our vibration. Denser energy (old emotional and physical wounds, shadow, etc) cannot withstand this new frequency and are up for feeling, healing, and release. I sense that whatever is in the way of our greater work and joy is being swept clean from our fields.

I’ve spoken to many who have changed jobs, careers, had relationship shifts, and let go of certain practices when they could no longer fight the pull of change. I’ve heard it said that when the pain of not changing becomes greater than the pain of changing, we change. I’ve also noticed this process tends to move much more quickly these days.

What’s the best way to get down a rabbit hole without injury, you ask? Free-fall ~ perhaps even grease yourself up and jump. I hear many are resisting the shifting or going into fear and running to doctors for a diagnosis or pills.

Some things I find helpful for me; barefeet on the earth, time in nature, grounding foods, exercise (just move your body), toning, fire breathing, primal screaming, and tuning into my inner world. I also visualize my light body expanding, it seems to give me more space to be here in a physical body.

A few signs of vibrational increase:
Restlessness, lack of focus
Sleep change ~ sleeping a lot or not much at all
Diet change
Seeing flashes of light
Senses super heightened ~ smell, hearing, taste, touch
Mood swings
Can’t track time
Heat bursts/pressure in heart
Love overflowing for all
Sudden shifts in preferences
High pitches/tones/knocking and/or pressure in your ears
Purging your space
Feeling overwhelmed for ‘no reason’
Kriyas (blasts of energy pulsing through the body causing it to convulse or shiver)
Feeling like you don’t belong here

The physical body will catch up as the energy integrates. Be with your experience as best you can. Do things that nurture you; baths, walks, snuggles, venting, etc.

And don’t forget, I’m happy to support you as you find your way to Oz, Wonderland, or some other destination! Skype makes it easy.

Much Love and Blessings to You,