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Effortlessness of Being

Effortlessness of Being

Dear Blessed One,

When you can release all ideas of a you needing to add or remove anything from life and allow life to play through you, all that is left is Presence.

In presence, we can see there is nothing to be achieved. We realize life is its own goal and there’s nothing outside of it that needs to be controlled or manipulated.

We arrive on the scene (each moment as it opens) fresh, new, and listening deeply to the brilliance of life as it moves us.

Reaching, grabbing, desiring more than the natural emanation of life that organically arises, is the dance of ego or the illusory self. Reaching is the very energy that hinders the awareness of higher essence, that which needs no-thing.

When in tune with the divine unfolding, the natural flowering of life, effort dissolves as there is no doer to be fatigued. Following the creative impulse that comes through us and gently guides us (rather than listening to the energy-draining mind), the effortlessness of being is experienced.

This doesn’t mean we are never again faced with painful or difficult situations. It means we no longer fight with the wisdom of life. When something arises that may not be preferred, remember life has said yes to it or it wouldn’t be here. It has purpose.

Obstacles are in our path to assist us in our development. Disturbances in the field ultimately redirect us back to center. I like the analogy of bumper bowling where the ball bounces off the rails rather than traveling down the gutter. The rails are there to redirect the ball so we can hit our target, even if it’s not right on center every time.

Everything is here for life’s greater expansion (you). We’re being tempered. Tempering is done to break up beliefs and patterns while achieving greater trust and resilience.

Take time to be still. Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling (without listening to the story) as you are presented with difficulties. Feeling is the healing. It’s medicine. As old stored energetics from the past are released, there is greater access to your expansive nature.

Once you realize how beautiful, wise and powerful you are, nothing of the mind remains to counter the truth of being.

And wow, you are so beautiful, wise and powerful!

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“Effortlessness is the ability to slow down and listen for the spaces between the joints… Deep within all things there is a natural rhythm, a music of opening and closing, expansion and contraction.”
~ Wayne Muller