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Dear Blessed One,

In my early years of sobriety (late 90’s), I had many expanded states of consciousness experiences. Whenever I popped into that higher frequency, (often it felt like an electrical charge running through my veins as I witnessed different things), I wanted to contact my family and friends and shout, “Follow me, I know The Way!”

Actually, oftentimes I did shout it, wanting to share my newfound connection to Source with loved ones. What happened over the years was The Way kept changing (teachers, gurus, practices), my shout was softening due to uncertainty, and enthusiasm waned.

In hindsight, I discovered all of The Ways I traveled were meant as stepping stones to the next Way, and that there is nothing to land on as solid ground or ultimate truth. After the 2008 awakening, I began to adjust to the sense of free-falling, nothing to hang my hat on.

As I matured in the awakening, I realized there is nothing to attach to in the infinite expression of ever-expanding Consciousness.

It is the journey (each precious moment) that is to be loved, allowed, surrendered to – and not some imagined destination.

While allowing whatever is arising in the moment (no resistance), guidance can come through and lead the way. That guidance is your innate wisdom which points to other possibilities – prospects that cannot be received when in a contracted state (spinning in the conditioned mind).

I was speaking with some friends a couple of months ago attempting to describe a new expression I seem to have landed in. How to explain Emptiness? It is just that, empty. Even to say blank page or clean slate is something. This expression needs nothing. The sense of self that was always present, even in stillness, seems to have dissolved.

It’s been odd walking about in daily life with no sense of me-ness. It’s as if everything flows through me completely unimpeded.

This new state of consciousness would have been extreme to step into without all of the preparatory phases of awakening over the years.

Life’s bumps and bruises and ups and downs are not random. It all has purpose. Every step along The Way is holy. Honor your path. All is needed. All is precious. All is perfect.

You are That which experiences experiencing. Life knows The Way. Follow that.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” ~ Joseph Campbell