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Energy Is All We Are

Energy Is All We Are

Dear Blessed One,

One morning in the early 90’s, I was sitting outside at the therapist’s office waiting for my turn to go inside. While resting in her yard watching the dance of nature, I noticed the bush next to me was covered and infiltrated with millions(?) of tiny white bugs that seemed to be hovering all over and through the bush. I was fascinated by it and moved closer to see what in the world was going on. Upon closer inspection, there were no bugs. It was energy; tiny little globules of light. It scared me. I’d never seen anything like that before.

That was the first time I’d ever witnessed the spinning energy that creates the physical world. Since then I’ve seen it on many, many occasions and in the moment it seems absurd that I can’t put my hand through walls, glass, or bodies because none of it is solid at all.

In deep meditations I’ve also experienced that sound, music, and words are energy and the different frequencies have a profound effect on the energy that makes up this physical world.

This may seem like rather simple science, however, have you considered the dynamic effects this has on what shows up in your life?

Energy is all we are. Where attention goes is where energy flows and where energy flows, reality grows.

Consider the power of negative thoughts and destructive self-talk. If everything is energy, what might that be creating? Though don’t use this as another reason to judge or punish oneself. That only creates more of the same.

Listen in, watch the mind, feel what’s being stirred, love that aspect of self, and watch what happens. Don’t resist the one who hates, the bitter one, the judgmental one, etc. Notice that it has arisen in the moment, watch it, feel the feelings, and tell that aspect of self that you love it. Bring an image into your mind that stirs love or gratitude in your heart and hold that in your awareness while also holding the challenging aspect of self.

If energy is all we are, might it be possible to reprogram how energy operates? Look around in your environment and see what else may be contributing to programming. Who do you spend time with and what is the nature of your relationship? What is the message of the music, TV, and movies you experience? All of this impacts the mind which helps to inform the body.

And remember while reprogramming, there are no two words more powerful than I Am. Be sure to use them wisely.

Rather than, I am sick, I am depressed, I am hopeless, what if you were to say; I am healing (or healed), I am experiencing joy and beauty, I am brilliant, holy, divine, awake? And instead of I am sad, use the word feel instead. There is much power in the spoken word.

Watch what follows the words I never, I always, etc. and make sure it’s something you really want.

You could also create a recording of beautiful affirmations and listen to them every night before bed for thirty days; I guarantee you’ll experience shifts.

You’ve probably heard it hundreds of times; what we resist persists. Allowing what’s here to be here, giving it attention, and flooding it with love heals the seeming separation and creates openings to deeper aspects of the exquisite love that you are.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“Do the cells of your body, the muscles of your arm, think to set themselves up as having a separate will from your will, or a separate intelligence from your intelligence? No, they know no intelligence but yours, no will but yours.”
~ Joseph Sieber Benner