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Follow Your Feet

Follow Your Feet

Dear Blessed One,

There is nothing needed to be more complete, more whole or more you than you right now. Life moves on its own accord and tends to everything. You are life. Let it be.

As Osho once said, the grass grows by itself. It needs no techniques or gurus to do so. Awareness arises in perfect timing ~ when you are ready to be aware of something, you become aware.

As consciousness expands in your being, you become the witness of life’s movements, knowing there is nothing to fix, force or finagle, only to notice.

You can’t force yourself to grow, heal or awaken any faster than your natural pace. Your natural pace is specific to you. Allow your process to be as it is; it’s perfect and needs nothing.

Life is your guide. Follow your feet and know that life goes before you preparing the way. Whatever is arising in the moment, life has said yes to or it wouldn’t be here. Saying yes eliminates the energy of resistance and then clear action can present itself.

Allowing life to be as it is does not mean nonaction. When arguing with life, our actions become muddled. Responding to life, rather than reacting to life comes through resting with whatever is appearing in every given moment. In the depths of stillness, wisdom points the way.

Anger, sadness, suffering, etc. can be honored as healers and teachers when we allow them to move through us without judgment. To feel it is to release the energy. Fully experiencing and (safely) expressing it creates an opening for movement. Feel, Release, Experience, Express. F.R.E.E.

– Hang a punching bag
– Punch pillows
– Primal scream
– Breath of fire
– Cry (use a sad movie if needed)
– Move out of the mind and into the body
– Jog / power-walk

As you awaken, more of your authentic self organically begins to show up. The more you free yourself from the wounds of the past, shadow aspects and restrictive belief patterns, the more access you have to your higher essence / guidance. The more access you have to your higher essence, the more you awaken.

Life knows the way. Trust the transformation that’s already in motion.

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted.”
~ Deepak Chopra