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Freedom or Comfort

Freedom or Comfort

Dear Blessed One,

It is possible to be free in every moment, in every situation, in every emotion that arises. Letting go of an idea that it needs to change for peace to be present is the key to freedom.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortability of any situation turns down the volume of the experience. Surrender is not a giving up and melting into a puddle of ‘it’s just no use’. It’s simply a relaxing with what has arrived in one’s life. In that relaxed state, or stillness, guidance can come through showing the way to resolution, or response.

Reframing the experience from a fresh place rather than the patterned and programmed mind can create a whole new way of being with every experience in every moment. Curiosity can pop the circuits of victim, confusion, and desperation.

Everything that exists is here to assist your growth, shift, expansion, deepening in some way. What would happen if you faced every moment with this awareness?

What happens when one lets go of the need or idea for whatever is presenting itself to be different?

See if you can notice the programming that has been installed around discomfort. We’ve been trained to contract, to run from it, to distract, fix, to resist it. Can you consider the possibility that the discomfort you are experiencing is actually You guiding yourself to move in another direction, or to open you in another way?

See how the mind wants to create a story, a great drama about whatever it is that’s going on in the moment.

The portal to greater understanding and trust widens when we let go of a need to know what it all means. Tune in without knowing anything and wait for the soft urging of Self to point the way.

As a reminder, ask yourself in the face of every challenge, “Do I want freedom or comfort?” If your answer is freedom, exhale, let go of the reins, and say YES to life.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking, only to learn that it is God who is shaking them.” ~Charles C. West