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Gathering Witnesses

Gathering Witnesses

Dear Blessed One,

Nobody arrives at the ground of Being through thinking. Feeling is the bridge.

Bust out of the conditioned mind; that which has stored innumerable beliefs from the limited human perspective of others. Drop awareness into the body and feel without story. Notice when story comes in and then redirect, redirect, redirect.

Spirit is here in form. It’s not off in some mental realm, a mind-created entity. If you want to know your true essence, be here in the body and feel. Feeling is the door to higher consciousness, which heals piece by piece all the wounds that dampen the connection to Source.

Have you noticed how the mind loves to gather witnesses to justify and validate its suffering? Whether it collects people or thoughts to corroborate the suffering, it builds its case by stacking up all the evidence from the past.

Let it all go. Dance in not knowing. Not knowing is an open door. Wisdom enters from there. Knowing is a closed door. As soon as you “know”, nothing else can come through to offer other possibilities. Stay with the feeling experience and be curious about what it may be healing.

A story… I have a 2006, 21-foot RV. I’m on the road so much I’m considering living in the RV to see if I like it. I had an idea that a bit newer and bigger would probably be better. I found just the one that seemed a fit for me, flew to Ohio ($20,000 less than the same model being offered on the west coast) and drove it 2400 miles home to Oregon.

The whole drive home I felt like the delivery person. As it turns out, it’s not going to work for me. The storage isn’t big enough for all my work items (they fit out of the living space in my smaller RV).

So, what to do? I put the new one up for sale and am keeping the old one. The new RV experience has triggered reactions, healing and expanded awareness for a number of people who work with me.

The mind might have a lot to say about such a thing and it could stimulate fear, shame and perhaps anger or sadness. One friend has gone into great anguish over this while listening to his mind tell him he should have been more available to help me with the process. He may be healing more from the adventure than anyone else!

I see the good in the experience as more continues to unfold for myself and for people close to me. I’m grateful for the things I’ve learned from the experience.

The gentle and loving essence that comes through the body guides me. Ultimately, it’s purpose is to bring me closer to Me.

Life is always carrying me and knows how to get me there.

Wanna buy an RV? 😉

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“I am that lost and wandering traveler, who is his own destination. What can I receive from existence? I myself am the ultimate reward of existence.”
~ Ashtavakra