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Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices

Dear Blessed One,

Guidance comes in many ways. Some of the challenges in receiving guidance are listening to it, following it and trusting it. The guidance may seem weird or random and you may not seem to be getting the results you expected. Following life’s nudges is not always easy given the limited human perspective.

I awoke to a man’s voice in January of 2008 that said, “It’s time to write.” I was home alone and it reeeally startled me! As my heart rate began to settle when I could see there was no one in the room, I figured I must have been dreaming. The next morning it happened again and the voice was even louder. I thought, “Oh great, now I’m hearing voices!” By the third morning the voice was so loud I jumped out of bed and sat at my computer to see what would happen. Sixty pages of my life flowed out of me within a week. And then it just stopped, seemingly.

April came and so did my first kundalini awakening, then in June my cat died and two days later my partner ended our relationship. Less than one month later, pop, I awakened.

In September that same year I awoke to the voice again and it said, “Finish the book!” I got excited because didn’t know I was writing one.

The Creative Impulse that animates these forms does not always come through in an audible voice, it is always guiding us though.

It took almost nine months for me to know I was writing a book. I had no idea what the book’s purpose would be nor could I imagine how it would change and expand the way I work with people.

Watch, wait, listen, trust and occasionally look over your shoulder to see how the things of the past have created the things of the present.

We are all endowed with innate wisdom that is constantly knocking at the door of our awareness. Hearing voices is not the only way we are guided. Keep a keen eye, an attuned ear, an open heart. What is your inner being whispering?

You can’t know the end from the beginning. Let go and let life flow. What a wonderful gift to be surprised by a blessing coming out of what seems like only pain, trauma, or loss.

Stay curious. One of my favorite questions in the midst of a challenges is, “I wonder what blessing life is creating for me just around the corner of this difficulty?”

If you’re feeling a little assistance would be welcomed, I’m happy to help with a perspective shift

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”
~ Socrates