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I Surrender

I Surrender

Dear Blessed One,

Are you feeling like the figurine in the glass snowglobe that someone is continuously shaking? Barely feeling balanced as the ‘snow’ begins to settle and all of a sudden you’re in the middle of another big shake? Who’s doing that!? Well, hmm, sorry to report this but it’s you.

We’re going through a big purge right now and it’s been intense. This is an answering to a calling from the deepest part of our hearts; ‘release that which does not serve’, and that’s what we’re doing.

In the midst of the turmoil, see if you can remember surrender and breathe in your center.

Use “I surrender to this” as your mantra to remind you to let go of the idea that something needs to be different or controlled.

There is a difference between surrender and giving up. Surrender is empowering as you let go of ideas of control – – a true letting go, while giving up or resignation is a belief that you are powerless and can activate the victim.

Get curious about your experience. What is life asking of you in the moment? Are you being pressed to create healthy boundaries? Are you being shown some sort of move is next in your life (job, home, relationship, etc.)? Are you resisting what life is presenting in the moment?

Something to consider while sitting in the burn; the stronger the no, the greater the challenge. As the intensity of the no increases, so does the level of pain.

Allow this moment to BE as it is. There is freedom in non-resistance. There is also an opening to That which guides us in non-resistance.

There is nothing to do while facing a situation in the here and now. You don’t need new teachings, thoughts, or beliefs. As you relinquish concepts and ideas you can begin to discover what’s already here and then be guided to respond from the place of Stillness. This is very scary for the mind, which says many things to enforce the importance of thinking. Just watch and see as you let it go.

If you feel guided, meditation and breath practices can help to quiet the mind for body-centered focus and then see where that may take you. Many people are doing as a means to an end; make your doing the end with no hope or need for it to bring you anything or take you anywhere. Rather than doing and hoping for a particular outcome, just be with what’s arising.

Doing with hoping and wishing often results in suffering because rarely does the doing bring about the results in the way that the doer THINKS it should or will.

See if you can rest and not follow the mind. Is the mind continuously reviving an old story that keeps you suffering? Bring attention into the body. What keeps one trapped or frozen is a belief that what is here should not be here or should be different somehow. Fighting with life is a battle one never wins.

Take full responsibility for every aspect of your life. Whenever you hear yourself saying, “I have to…”, see that it’s a choice. When you realize that there’s nothing on the outside forcing you to do anything, that it’s all your choosing, the pressure-valve opens and releases the tension of situations, which creates space for the creative impulse of life to guide you in a way that feels more in alignment with your truest nature.

Just like the child’s momentary bliss with the snowglobe, Life is ecstatic with all the shifting and shaking that’s taking place.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“…transformation at the speed of light.”
~Lee Harris