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It’s All About Love

It’s All About Love

Dear Blessed One,

I have experienced that no matter what is happening in life, if I pause, take one deep conscious breath and drop into my being, there is always an essence of love that is holding it. Disengaging from the mental realm is the key to feeling the heart.

Our experiences do not have to be biased by the environment around us. It’s okay to feel the love that holds it all, to relax and enjoy the ride, even the painful, sad, or less exciting journeys.

Mind evaluates, judges, or longs for something else. Life doesn’t Mind. When all labels about experience fall away, it then becomes just another experience (albeit potentially less preferred) and suffering is not a component. When not consumed by suffering we can listen from a deeper place, follow wisdom and respond to life rather than react.

Completion, joy, awakening – – these things can only be found within you and in the moment. As long as you’re looking elsewhere, you won’t find it, not the real thing anyway. You may experience temporary completion or joy but as soon as the environment changes (loss of that which brought you joy, etc.) so does the connection to these experiences.

There’s a song called, “It’s All About Love” that I have sung with friends many times. The lyrics say things like: might not understand it but it’s all about love… no matter what we think we are, it’s all about love… great big mystery… no matter what we want, it’s all about love, it’s all about love, it’s all about love…

I’m not one who is very tuned into holidays (most of them don’t make sense to me) and didn’t realize last year that the focus of February’s Awakening Tips was all about love. As I was creating youtube videos of the Awakening Tips, I reread that one. In the light of February’s love focus, it bears repeating.

(Click I LOVE YOU, MAN! to view the video)

In the Marianne Williamson quote, the word God could be replaced with the word Love, which points to That which holds all experiences. “God exists in eternity. The only point where eternity meets time is in the present.” I’ll meet you there.

(more about the transition I’m in at a later date – still percolating)

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“And the real goal is to come to the source from where you come. Then the circle is complete.”
~ Rajneesh