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Life is Doing You

Life is Doing You

Dear Blessed One,

You are an opening for this pinpoint of consciousness to come through and experience the bliss of form. Even though the human experience often does not feel it as bliss, spirit is saying, “Wahoo, form!”

“Yeah but I can’t find a reason to go on.”

The dark days, the difficult days, the challenges of being human; this is the friction, the contrast, the very burn that is needed to help us move into a higher state of consciousness. Typically the greater the challenge, the greater the growth. Life’s fires take us to the edge of who we think we are, and it’s at the edge that big magic happens.

The edge is the place where we get to bump up against fears, beliefs, ideas, conditioned mind. It’s also the place of great opportunity. This is the dumping ground where you can release all the miscellaneous junk you’ve collected. None of it is yours. This is the stripping away of self which is necessary to experience the great and free being that is already and always here, quietly waiting, and just under the weight of conditioned mind.

Feel the feelings, the freaking-out-fear, the deep sadness, the roaring anger, the emptiness; whatever is coming up is what’s meant to be coming up to be experienced by you and always in perfect timing. It is backed by a tremendous force, an energy that transmutes suffering into peace, stillness.

To see it is to free it and to feel it is to heal it.

While experiencing whatever you’re experiencing, hold both hands out open, and see if you can hold in one hand the challenge and in the other hand the possibility that this is grace coming through and touching you in a way that is perfect.

Life is doing you, relax, let go, you are not in charge. Allow yourself to be as you are. You are this magnificent expression of life (beyond the conditioned mind’s judgment) and the mind is pushing against it saying, “It must be something else!” There is nothing else but “this”.

Rest in the place of not-knowing what any particular moment or situation is for. See if you can let go of the attachment to need-to-know. We’ve been programmed to believe that knowing is “safe”, which implies that we might have some control over the outcome of life.

Breathe, feel, see where life is guiding you. Not feeling guided? What if that is guidance? It might just mean wait, or burn with not-knowing while the dross is being cooked out.

In the moment when you have awareness, when you can see that you’re saying no to life, that is the door, the opportunity. Exhale can happen here… “Ahh, just experiencing, no need for this to be any different. How might I respond to what life is presenting me?”

It’s so simple that it gets missed by many. Adjust your focus. See it all through the eyes of Love. Love is what’s moving here.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.”
~Nikos Kazantzakis