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Look in the Mirror

Look in the Mirror

Dear Blessed One,

Look in the mirror…
Make deep eye contact with yourself.
Bring awareness to your heart and say, “I’m sorry for all the times and all the ways I’ve denied you(r) love. I love you.”

When I got sober in 1997, I began doing a ‘mirror meditation’. I would sit in front of a mirror, eye-to-eye with myself, and say over and over, “I love you.” My mind would scream other things, usually very obscene things, or simply, “I hate you!” Besides the internal rebuttal, I did some pretty crazy things, like hit the mirror (I cracked one), and spit at myself (I had some deep wounding). It didn’t take very long though before something began to seep through the facade of self-hatred. There was something there in my eyes that looked and felt more like love than hate, and the warmth that was radiating out began melting the long-frozen icecap of my heart.

God is here, emanating through this precious form in the mirror. There is no better way to connect with the source of All That Is than to look deeply within yourself. Many complain about the elusive nature of God, though God is always here, closer than breathing, and nearer than hands or feet.

I had a belief for many, many years that God was somewhere outside of me, and a story that “He” didn’t like me and that’s why I was being punished (well, I had been “bad” you know). When through meditation, initiations, and spontaneous expanded-awareness states I began to feel what I could only describe as God living and flowing through me, I realized that it wasn’t possible for God to dislike me.

Acknowledging the monumental inadequacy of words as I attempt to point to the unpointable; God is an ever-expanding, infinitely-experiencing, embodied, and formless, neutrality. The whole of life and non-life is God-experiencing.

A word that points to this Holy Vibration is ecstatic, and each experience unique and exquisite. The ecstatic resides in the longing heart that aches to end suffering (which is also where the ecstatic resides). It’s all allowed, and it’s all part of this divine and magnificent dance called life.

As sobriety evolved, and the fog began to lift from my mind, I noticed that I hadn’t consciously chosen anything that had happened in my life. It seemed preordained somehow, guided by some out of sight Force.

All the zigs and zags of my life have purpose. Even though at the time I had not yet fully realized that, there was a relaxation that happened deep inside which helped me to forgive myself and others for all the perceived wrongs that had been done.

You are perfect, I am perfect, and our imperfections are perfect. Just as the sculptor chisels and smoothes to create a work of art, the imperfections are intricate pieces to our development.

Recognizing the love that resides here in this body-temple was a big precursor for the continued awakening to the awareness of God in everything.

I’m sorry for all the times and all the ways I’ve denied your love. I love you.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“A psychiatrist tore a picture of the world from a magazine and cut it into tiny pieces. “Take these puzzle pieces,” he said to a young boy, “and put the world back together.”

In just a few moments the smiling child returned with the completed picture. “How did you do it so quickly?” the amazed doctor asked.

“Easy!” said the boy. “I noticed that there is a picture of a man on the other side. I just put the man together and the world came out all right.”

~Steve Goodier’s “Life Support System”