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Love Grows Love

Love Grows Love

Dear Blessed One,

Deep in the dream state, many adventures will carry us all over the place. Unless you become lucid, awake in the dream, they will sweep you away in their seeming reality.

You typically wouldn’t even have the thought of awakening because identification with the characters is so pervasive. If awakening from the dream does come into one’s awareness, it can seem so very far away. Although, it’s right there, as close as the breath.

Once you do awaken from the dream, you realize (even as intense as it was) that you were never in harm’s way.

Awakening from the dream of separation is like awakening from the sleeping dream. Everything seems and feels real — pain, love, fear, happiness. However, alongside experiences is the realization that there is nothing to run from, cling to or resist because it’s all you.

Important and helpful interventions still happen except they do not come from the conditioned mind or ego (the sleeping state), they come from the heart. In the relaxed state of love/oneness, we can respond to people and life situations with compassion. An awake intervention may look abrupt or even fierce, the difference is it’s coming through love rather than reaction (programmed state) or hate. It is deeply guided and not coming from shoulds or shouldn’ts.

From the relaxed, awake state, (lucid state) you’re able to respond to life without adding to the experience. Knowing there is no separation in life, the mind doesn’t even activate to add drama to what’s before you. Even if what’s before you is drama. Adding to the experience is like attempting to extinguish a fire with gasoline.

Through lucidity you can see that it’s all part of the dream and panic doesn’t arise. It’s possible to meet every condition and situation from this relaxed state.

What is the situation before you? Breathe deeply and ask life what it is attempting to teach you (especially if it’s an experience that is repeating). The experience may seem harsh or extreme. If that’s the case, it may be what’s needed to show you how to create healthy boundaries or how to move out of an unhealthy situation, etc. If life is repeating itself and is becoming more intense, it could be turning up the volume because you are not yet able to hear what it is saying.

Pause when faced with difficulties, take three deep conscious breaths, drop into the belly of your being and ask life how to best respond. If the mind answers, don’t fight with it, just acknowledge its voice, take another breath and bring awareness back into the body. Wait for the gentle pointing that comes through you. It’s much softer than the mind.

Do this over and over, especially when not faced with a crisis. You will develop the muscle of hearing Wisdom and eventually be able to discern who is speaking, Wisdom/Love or separation/conditioned mind.

When not faced with a personal challenge, bring attention to things in life that make your heart smile – nature is my favorite respite. Pull back from dramas you cannot resolve or have no part in. Putting attention on things that stimulate fear or anger feeds fear and anger. Feeding love grows love.

Because life is vibration, an attitude of gratitude can attract more to be grateful for…it could be as simple asĀ gratitude for the eyes to read this post.

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“Toss aside your map of the world, all your beliefs and constructs. Dare the wild unknown. Here in this terrifying freedom, naked before the universe, commune with the One who knows everything from the inside: invisible power pervading everywhere. Divine presence permeating everything. Breathe tenderly as the lover of all beings.”
~ The Radiance Sutras