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Dear Blessed One,

After 11 days on the road working in California, just one-hour into my Sunday afternoon journey home, a pick-up truck drifted left and grazed the Jersey Barrier. Right in front of me it flipped end-over-end and then rolled once before landing back up-right in the diamond lane. Bags and luggage came flying out windows, while glass and vehicle parts were strewn everywhere. Upon landing, three people jumped out, ran away from the smoking truck, and huddled in a big hug in the narrow, left breakdown lane.

It all happened in one-split-second…like a gymnast doing some fantastic freaking precision move!

At 75 miles per hour, I don’t know how I got past it without hitting anything or anyone! It had a big impact on me, stayed with me for the entire 5-hour drive home, and continued to linger in my field for days. Much happened in that one-split-second.

Although it was just a moment, time passed in slow motion as the bumper-to-bumper traffic seemed to move in a well-practiced, dare-devil, synchronized flight pattern around the danger. I hit the hazard lights, tapped the brakes, swerved from its path, and threw one hand up in prayer as an automatic move that I’ve used so many times in the 18-years of energy-work I’ve been doing. My heart pulsed with, “God Bless Us All!” and then I experienced the sensation of an amazing energy-field, like an electrical current, as I moved through and past the incident.

If you know my history (written in my first book, Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening) you can be certain that I know what adrenaline feels like…this was not that. There was Something Else in control of the entire experience. A force-field of infinite Love was managing the event for the purpose of touching each one of us who were witnessing it.

Imagine the people traveling in the high-speed lane just over the barrier seeing a truck flying through the air and potentially into oncoming traffic. How might this experience have shifted, altered them? What was their heart longing for? What was their grisly gripe? How was this experience just the medicine needed to heal the ache of separation, boredom, resignation, and increase the sense of appreciation, presence?

There is no way the truck driver’s driving ability had anything to do with the outcome of the incredible event.

My intention and personal prayer for the work I was doing as I was supporting so many people down south was to experience the next level of joy, awe, and appreciation of life.

Today the song of the birds seems more melodic, the flight of the geese more majestic, colors extra vivid, and the experience of love flowing to and from my heart more apparent and causeless. I have a sense of deeper appreciation for the wisdom of existence and an even greater appreciation for life and the beautiful connections with so many amazing people.

That Something Else is always tending to the things of life and knows what’s needed for each one of us. We can’t control how It moves. Set your intentions, make requests to life itself (through prayer, art, poetry, powerful mantras) and then watch to see how life serves and delivers in the most mysterious ways.

Stay awake. Presence is all that’s needed to recognize the daily miracles and to sense the Something Else that’s managing all of it, all ways.

Tune in to the messages that are so abundantly given. Listen deeply to the wisdom of your being. Life is a prayer. What are you praying for? How might the difficult, painful, or seeming disastrous situation be creating the shifts needed to answer the deep calling of your heart?

Life is always life-ing ~ creating, destroying, recreating ~ and has wisdom beyond human mental comprehension. Be here now in this one-split-second and experience deeply the miraculous undulations of life.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
~ Albert Einstein