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Presence is Enough

Presence is Enough

Dear Blessed One,

During one of our Awakening Hearts gatherings, a friend said, “Presence is enough.” It states so clearly and simply the profundity of presence that it bears repeating.

Nothing more than presence is needed. Ever. Presence is enough. It contains everything that is needed for the emerging moment.

Being here, aware, awake and fully present in this very moment is enough. From presence comes action. Nonaction (out of the mind that is in constant motion) allows clear action to arise. Clear action comes from stillness and from not knowing what is needed in the moment. It’s a surrendering the little mind to No Mind.

In presence, resting in the stillness of what-is, higher essence is accessible and a response (or clear action) to the situation, person or thing becomes evident.

Die to who you think you are. From those ashes flowers purity.

Life is to be lived. If tomorrow comes for you, you will be there to meet it fresh, alive, innocent and present. Leaking energy by constantly rehearsing the potential future, lamenting the disastrous past or longing for something other than what’s present is a distraction that will keep you from experiencing the magnificent and magical moment, which contains all guidance.

Live each moment as present and fully as possible because the next moment is born out of the previous one. If caught in a mind-trap, take a break and simply bring attention to the beauty of a flower or a tree by focusing on the stillness and splendor of nature.

Be here now. Take one deep conscious breath and rest. The more you let it have you, the less it has of you.

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“This movement of the mind in the future is desire… It means you are not here. It means you are not in the real moment and the present moment is the only door into existence. The past and future are not doors, they are walls.”
~ Osho