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Put the Stick Down

Put the Stick Down

Dear Blessed One,

Where are you operating from? Are you tuned in to your infinite nature or are you pretending to be separate, struggling to make life work on your terms?

When mucking around in the mind-trap, see if you can create just a little bit of space and notice that you’re listening to the insanity of the conditioned mind. Take a deep breath, all the way into the belly of your being and exhale all the way down to your toes.

Remember life is always in charge and knows what’s best for our evolution, expansion, awakening. You are moving at a pace that is perfect for your biology and psyche. I’ve heard Osho say, “The grass grows by itself,” and so do you. There is nothing more needed than this precious moment. Stay awake – as best you can. Notice when the mind is adding to your experience and see if you can come back to the present moment.

You cannot muck it up because you are not in charge. Life is taking you to all the places that need awareness; give thanks.

Picking up the stick and beating yourself for making mistakes is saying NO to Life (your Higher Essence, God), when a mistake is actually an opportunity. Your expansive nature will not present you with anything that is not of benefit. We grow from lessons and then we can apply that wisdom to life and all its undulations. Pain may be part of the experience however, suffering dissolves when we say YES.

Pain is not bad. We’ve been programmed to avoid it at all costs. Pain is a catalyst, a motivator, a pointer to something that needs attention. In a challenging moment, ask yourself what life is wanting you to see. Rather than telling Life no (which is saying you are the one in charge and you are the one who will figure it out), see if you can notice all the attachments to the mind-created-self.

Grace is guiding you all ways. Say yes. Drop the judgments and labels and just experience what you are experiencing. Find the pearl. There’s always a gift though it may not be apparent right away. Sometimes we need to be presented (gifted) with the lesson many times before the breakthrough can happen. Recognize repetition… yay, another opportunity!

Eventually you will put the stick down once you get tired of beating yourself up. In the meantime, only notice when you’re beating yourself up. And do it with consciousness. Life will take care of the rest.

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“The moment that judgement stops (through acceptance of what is), you are free of the mind. You have made room for love, for joy, for peace.”
~ Eckhart Tolle