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Q & A ~ Disease, I Am, and Akashic Records

Q & A ~ Disease, I Am, and Akashic Records

Dear Blessed One,

The questions below are from email dialogues I’ve had with people after skype sessions.

NA in Canada: So if God is all knowing… that means God has planned both the disease and its cure, correct? It’s the same for any type of “discovery”… Because how can you discover something that was never there to be discovered to begin with? Because discovery implies mystery, right? But if you are awake, you can have access to this information, so what’s there to discover but capital S Self? …Sort of like, when you are awake, you already know how you created this disease therefore you know the answer… Like when you are awake you are able to tap into the blueprint of your Self and therefore when you know more about yourself, then you can know the “cures” to the diseases that Self created?

SR ~ When you wake up, you don’t all of a sudden know all the answers/solutions to life’s predicaments. The questioner dies. There is peace, a resting with the Realization of the perfection of the drama before you. If you are meant to attain the “cure”, you will be given access to it without strain. Guidance comes through you. Your purpose in the moment may be to console, hold the hand of someone, realize the difficulty of their predicament, the pain of disconnection, and support them in their drama ~ not fix it ~ unless of course you are guided to do so.

We are all part of the Play, given our parts and playing them out perfectly for the evolution of humanity and the accumulation of experience for the expansion of Spirit.

There is a lot to say about what the unconscious person/society does to create/hide the source of disease and perpetuate a broken system… “It’s all perfect” aaaand it’s imperative that the Realized/ReMembering ones take responsibility for what they now have access to and help end the suffering and assist in the Awakening.

I’m always happy to work with people (like you) who are moving into (or already in) allopathic medicine. That system could use more Light.

CM in India: …what you mentioned as to be aware of I am doing this, I am driving, I am walking, I am… etc is similar to being in sense of “I am”? What actually does it mean to be in the sense of “I am”?

SR ~ I am walking, I am driving, etc is a way of quieting the monkey-mind that is constantly chattering, projecting, labeling, residing in the past/projected future. “I am here” practice will land you square in the body. Here, in the body, is where you have access to Source and Guidance.

Once you are fully present and in touch with higher awareness, you can recognize “I am that”. No separation. Even though there is still a sense of personal self, there is a knowingness of the play of form (and no-form) as “Me” too.

NA in CA: Just out of curiosity, but do you work with clients and Akashic records by any chance?

SR ~ No, not defined as such. Sometimes I see parallel lives that bleed into the one I’m working with and if it’s helpful in understanding their challenge, we talk about it. This is not something I do consciously, it comes as needed (I suppose).

Since my experience of life is there are no past lives, only parallel realities all here now and no-thing is happening/moving, I would not call the Akashic records a log of past lives. It’s the One-Pool of all existence in form always and only now, and we can tap into it to access other vibrational aspects of Self in order to assist this one.

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae