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Say Yes To Life

Say Yes To Life

Dear Blessed One,

What’s here right now? Are you reaching outside of that? Are you looking for something else? Notice. That’s all. See if you’re on autopilot and if so, take yourself off autopilot. Shake yourself out of the trance of familiarity by just noticing what’s present in your awareness right now.

This moment is more precious than gold. This moment is not a means to an end. This moment is IT, the breadth and depth of Life itself, waiting for your attention, waiting patiently for your presence. Many push Life’s expression away saying, “No, not this, there must be something else!”

See if you can allow whatever is present to be just that, present. There is sweet peace to be discovered when resting in the moment. Say yes to Life, yes to even this, and this too, yes. Feel the bumps of life, then discover their gifts.

Life knows where She is going. Life knows how to express, expand, and evolve. Every situation is a coal in the fire of transformation. When it’s time to expand the heart and move into higher awareness, Life turns up the heat to burn off the old stuff that no longer serves us, creating an opening to higher consciousness.

Each moment in our lives, every person, each situation, these things are showing up to serve us in some way. The person in front of you is an expression of God offering you a gift. Energetically we call in what is the most perfect thing for us in the most perfect moment to assist us in our awakening. It may be time to release the outdated model and upgrade to a higher operating system. Allow that.

When we allow life to be as it is in whatever way it is expressing, without resistance (judgment, pushing away, labeling it, fixing, etc), we are able to experience the ever present wellspring of peace that is holding us, all ways, no matter how big, difficult, or ugly the situation seems to be to the mind.

Peace can be noticed as a silent and always present condition when resistance to what’s arising in the moment rests.

When we can stop & drop (stop taking the bait the mind throws us so we’re not flung about like a fish on a line, and drop into the body to feel what’s wanting our attention), we can become aware of the peace that holds us, and perhaps even the Life that molds us.

Rarely does Life express or answer in the way we think it should, though it does respond in harmony with our highest good.

Much Love and Blessings to You,

“All we are saying is give peace a chance.”
~John Lennon