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See it Be it Free it

See it Be it Free it

Dear Blessed One,

Be the free fountain of spontaneity and beauty that you already are. Stop trying to get there. You are already IT.

Right here, right now, drop all stories and seeking. There is nothing more holy, more sacred, or more important than this moment. When everything falls away, (distractions of the mind) it becomes clear that nothing else is needed to be more perfect than you already are. From that place of resting, allowing all to be just as it is, self-recognition – the peace that holds it all – becomes remarkably obvious.

When fighting with life ends, the noticing of guidance begins.

We are in a time of great healing and awakening. Many people have contacted me recently dealing with anxiety, fear and old wounds that they thought had already been resolved.

Toxic overload (unhealthy diet, poisons, etc) will put one in a healing crisis. It can show up as gentle as a cold or as intense as disease. The body is purging or attempting to do so…it’s how the body takes care of itself.

Anxiety, depression, old wounds coming up is a signal from the body that it’s in need of healing…a healing crisis. All it means is that right now the system is overwhelmed with toxic emotions and thought-forms. Things will settle down once the purge is complete and then a greater sense of balance and freedom can be experienced.

The feeling is the healing. From there integration occurs and then transcendence happens organically.

Thinking about the past or projecting some imagined reality in the future can cause pain or suffering. The past is perfect. Experiences you have experienced have guided you here. Learn from the past, don’t live in it. Thinking about possible futures can be anxiety provoking. Just be here now. When you are here, there’s nothing to fear.

If something is coming up for awareness, allow it to come up. It’s coming up because it’s time for its release.

Natural healing and release comes when we…
SEE it
Then BE it
To FREE it
Don’t listen to story about it. Drop into the heart of your being and feel it.

Life does not make mistakes. Everything in your life has come for one purpose…your growth/evolution/awakening, including where you are right now.

Don’t get caught in the trap of spiritual bypassing (all is well, just rise above this). It’s not productive to bypass what you’re feeling, stuffing it back down while finding a thought that makes you feel better. Drop out of the mental realm and honor your body by allowing it to release what’s being triggered. Once attention is given, the old frozen emotions can dissolve. Then dance in celebration and enjoy the benefits of an expanded heart.

Unfathomable Wisdom is guiding us all ways. Remember that as the challenges reshape you. Love is ever present.

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“You need no longer seek some other state of consciousness, for that which is here now is outrageously consecrated with pure spirit.”
~ Matt Licata