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That 4-Letter F-Word

That 4-Letter F-Word

Dear Blessed One,

Is your mind holding you hostage in the past? Creating over and over the same small, uncomfortable world that you’re wanting to get out of?

Fear, worry, and anxiety are products of the mind, created from the past. Worry is buying into an idea that something is going to happen that shouldn’t happen, or that something isn’t going to happen that should. It’s being attached to a particular outcome that the mind has created rather than resting with how Life is presenting itself ~ naturally. Attachment creates fear and fear can evolve into suffering due to the many stories the mind creates about possible outcomes of any particular event.

Worry is believing that you are separate from Life, and that you may be able to control the outcomes of this naturally occurring, organic experience, if only you try just a little harder.

All change occurs in the moment when the issue is recognized. Worry does not change anything but ones health. Not knowing what the situation truly is or what it’s for, creates an opening for the Creative Impulse to move you. Uncertainty always resolves itself in the Now, as one continues to move forward.

Life knows just exactly what Life needs in every single moment of Life…always has, always will. Fear or worry is some thought that Life might get it wrong, which of course is not possible.

What if it’s possible to be free of all those stories, and that crazy narrator who seems to prattle on and on about everything?

Some questions you might consider when the mind is throwing you bait:

– What are you afraid of?
– What is the worst thing that might happen if you let go and just allow life to present itself the way it’s presenting itself?
– How “bad” would that worst thing be?
– Is it true or is this just a belief?
– Is there some fear that Life might not handle this one? That something might happen that is not meant to happen? That Life might make a mistake if you’re not in control of things?
– Are the urges to control or ‘take over’ coming from a deep gentle feeling of guidance or is it coming from fear?
– When you think of taking control, do you feel a sense of lightness, or do you contract and feel a bit heavy?
– Are you saying “No” to any part of your experience (resisting)?
– What would it be like to let go of the reins, feel the burn of not being in control, stay with your experience without knowing what any of it is for, and wait for Love to guide you?

Situations come and go. People, animals, and things come and go. Suffering happens when we try to hold on. All is well! The Universe is big enough ~ you are infinite enough ~ to create an opening for solutions to flow into existence; sometimes it doesn’t look like we might imagine.

See if you can stay with your experience rather than following some story about it. If you’re listening to fear, you won’t be able to hear the voice of Wisdom.

What if freedom is just being here? Not arguing with what life is presenting in the moment. Saying yes to what it is that you (from a higher perspective) chose to experience in this moment. Not listening to, or creating another story about it. Just allowing whatever it is that is showing up to show up. Yes Life, even this. Yes, I say yes.

Does the flower have thoughts, judgments, or a story about how it’s flowering or not flowering? No, it just flowers. Life is inherently designed to be this simple. Just flower. Follow the natural flow of Life’s deep guidance. It is possible, plausible, and practical to be free. You are designed to be f-r-e-e!

I’m hearing more and more people using that 4-letter f-word. Hallelujah! and tears of joy, it sure makes my heart sing!

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“Oh, the places you’ll go! . .
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way!” ~Dr. Seuss