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The Chicken Came First

The Chicken Came First

Dear Blessed One,

Are you trying to be someone that you are not? You are beautiful just as you are.

Don’t let the conditioned world be the benchmark for how you’re doing here. It’s not yours. Bust out. Follow the prompts of life, it knows the way and your heart understands the language of life. Tune in. Listen. Stop arguing.

The pulse of life is spontaneously arising within you. It no more needs your assistance or direction than the blood in your veins…it’s organic, a most natural and perfect process.

There is not something else outside of you that is required for you to be more you. Stop creating more ‘yous’…just be the you that you are. You are perfect, and what creates the most change in oneself is relaxing into the one that you presently are.

Life automatically clears out that which isn’t true! It’ll bring in people and situations to trigger wounds, bring awareness to blind-spots, and it will challenge you in ways you could not image in order to expand awareness and accelerate awakening.

Check in and see if you are allowing yourself to be manipulated by the conditioned world or the programmed mind.

Are you seeking someone else’s approval? Are you letting someone’s judgment limit the way you move in the world? Relax into yourself, take one deep conscious breath, let go of what you think you know, and allow life to show up as it is organically presenting itself.

Don’t look to keep a low-profile, nor a high one. Don’t strive for normal. Normal is someone else’s idea of how you ought to be. It’s not real. Crazy is also someone else’s parameters. Just be yourself! You are like the snowflake, free-falling, unique, and beautiful. How is the wind blowing you? Where is life calling you?

Is there a “yes” in your heart in response to what’s before you? If the yes isn’t there, then wait for the impulse of life to move you. There is nothing to figure out.

You are the egg and the chicken, however, the chicken came first. You are the physical expression of Consciousness, the infinite source of all life. Your truest nature is undepletable, unrechargable, and unmanageable. You cannot control that which is animating you.

It is done, and I am simply the expression of That.

What a relief.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“Instead of constantly thinking, we become still and quiet, and we become conscious of being conscious. This is the realization of I AM, the realization of Being, our essence identity. When we are rooted in that, thinking becomes the servant of awareness, rather than a self- (ego) serving activity. It becomes creative, empowered.”
~Eckhart Tolle