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The Harbinger Fear

The Harbinger Fear

Dear Blessed One,

I’ve been watching online a live-feed of two eaglets, from eggs, to hatchlings, to fledglings.

I enjoy watching how ma and pa eagle take such good care of them, from sitting on the nest neck-deep in snow while the other delivers food, to grooming, setting clear boundaries (no wandering out of the nest!), and guiding them as their innate instincts awaken.

Recently they’ve been doing a lot of things the parents do, cleaning and rearranging the nest, sitting on the very edge of the nest with their eagle-eye on, occasionally knocking each other over as the flap their growing wings in rather tight space.

They’ve grown so big now they look like adult birds; fish and other assorted animals are dropped into the nest and they can feed themselves.

At times it’s obvious they hear something (there’s no audio), I’m guessing it’s ma or pa eagle calling to them. I laugh as they jump up, spread their massive wings and fly-hop from one side of the nest to the other, and then settle back in to the comforts of the nest as if the fear of flight is just too much.

The next stage was branching, where one would fly to a branch adjacent to the nest or just above it. The wind would begin blowing at times and he (I’m guessing) would flap his mighty wings until he tired and would fly-drop back into the nest. The other fledgling would peck as he came thundering back home, which often would send him back out on a limb as if to say, this nest is no longer big enough for the two of us!

I’m sure mother-nature and her eagles are taking things at a pace that’s just perfect for them, following the natural flow of life.

I’m sure you are too. However, is it time to leave your comfort zone? Are you still fly-hopping? Ready for some branching? What are the stories the mind tells you as you feel into exploring something new?

See if you can reframe fear. The harbinger fear is a door, an opening, an opportunity to explore! This is the edge of the nest, the place where you can create a whole new way of moving in the world.

Take one conscious breath, drop awareness into the body (a feeling, or something physical) and ask yourself, “What else is possible?” Do this without looking for an answer. Just sit in the not-knowing and wait to see if something else comes through you (rather than from you). When the mind kicks in to answer the question, sprinkle doubt, or yeah-but you, say thank you to it and let it know you’re going to try something else in the moment. Take awareness back into the body.

Also take time to notice the ways of the mind and how it may be keeping you from spreading your glorious wings. What is the belief you are believing, the thought you are thinking, the projection you are projecting that is triggering fear? What if it’s not true? Can you let go of knowing and create an opening for other possibilities?

Life knows what’s best for life; see if you can tune into the natural free-flowing being that you are. The mental-construct is the only thing that stands in the way of branching or actually flying from the nest and discovering the next highest version of your magnificent, infinite, magical self.

Are you so afraid of dying that you’re not willing to fully live?

There is so much more beyond the comfort-zone. Spread your beautiful wings and ~ fly ~ !

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“Life can be found only in the present moment. The past is gone, the future is not yet here, and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment, we cannot be in touch with life.”
~Thich Nhat Hanh