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The Impetus to Evolve

The Impetus to Evolve

Dear Blessed One,

What an amazing and miraculous vehicle for life to move through, yes you, wow! Every movement, every breath, every moment is perfect, mhm, oh yes!

I’ve had many people ask me, “But what about the problems in life?”

Check in and see how you respond to life when difficult situations arise. Do you relegate difficulties as less important than the joys in life? Is there some idea or story that it should be different, that pain is not as valuable as peace?

Feel into the challenge and shine the light of awareness. Difficulties are precious pearls, gifts for us to receive. They are a magnificent part of this self-correcting system called life, and they are the impetus to evolve out of the amoeba pool.

Identification with story is the hamster wheel, creating a loop that keeps you trapped in the thought realm, causing more tension, contraction, and confusion. A story about what is arising is the necessary ingredient for a “problem”. A projection, conditioning, judgment, or labeling is what sustains it. Problems cannot survive in the present moment.

Check it out. See if you can notice resistance to the way life is presenting itself right now. Stop, take a breath, put awareness on your body and feel whatever you are feeling. Is there a problem without the story? Just here. Now.

You don’t have to write a new story about it, nor deny that you are being challenged with something difficult or painful. Just notice when the mind makes up a story about it and don’t take the bait.

Before getting sober in ’97, and then discovering that NOW is the only thing that is real (and everything else is a projection or the past), I had such a loud and constant-chattering committee in my head. It was comparing, criticizing, judging, blaming, and telling me how it’s always been or always will be.

I thought for sure I’d eventually go mad with all the noise, or that my brain would soon spontaneously combust. What happened was something closer to the latter. It finally just burned itself out. Everything got quiet. It did get louder before the pop though. However, I just kept tunneling into the body, no longer listening to the voices, and looking for an emotion or a physical feeling to put my awareness on.

See if you can move with the pressures of life as you would with an awkward dance partner. It’s okay to feel clumsy and uncoordinated. That’s actually a sign that something is shifting. Look for the sweet spot in the feeling of discomfort. It’s possible to feel comfortable with uncomfortableness.

Resting with life as it is, we become aware of the Peace that holds it all.

Much Love and Blessings to You,

“Sometimes you have to lose your mind before you come to your senses.”
~Peaceful Warrior