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The Matrix

The Matrix

Dear Blessed One,

I was talking with someone the other day and she mentioned she was having unrealistic concerns about uncertainty. After we had a little laugh about that I pointed out that all concerns about uncertainty are unrealistic.

Who do you think is controlling this life? The mind of many would answer, “Me.” Every instant, whatever you are doing you are not doing it. Once you’re able to see this you can relax and realize there is no reason to worry about what to do or what not to do. Neither accepting nor rejecting anything – not fighting with life, just being.

The river is flowing and it knows how to get to the sea. Life is life-ing and it knows the end from the beginning. If you knew the whole story, there would be no place for this experience of form, game over.

Life is not yours to control. This can be scary to the mind – the entity you may believe is you – though once the mind is surrendered we move in a much more spacious state.

Watch with curiosity. Step back from the self that you think you are. Watch yourself as you would a character in a drama on stage.

Don’t believe you’re not in charge, experience it. Explore where you think you are in charge. See if it’s true.

When the noise of the mind is getting louder, it’s a good sign. It means the mind is noticing you are no longer listening to it (or believing it) like you used to. Keep reassuring the scared ego that it is fine. Tell the ego it’s not going to die and that the two of you are just recalibrating your relationship.

Once you experience freedom from the barrage of thoughts, there is a softer guidance mechanism that points the way. In that state, you respond to life and all its undulations, rather than reacting.

Stay awake, as best you can anyway. When you become aware that you’re listening to the mind and going on a mental ride, in that moment, make another choice. Become aware of your body, your heart, your feelings, contraction, physical pain, anything other than the babble in the head.

Many are asking about the restlessness they’re feeling, it’s a symptom of inner stirring, of movement. It just means something is wanting awareness. It’s the body’s way of saying, “Please slow down and check in with me.”

New inspiration, brilliance and clear seeing comes through resting with whatever is being presented to you in any given moment. Remember to breathe. Give yourself a 5-minute timeout to release some energy if need-be and then come back to resting. See what life is wanting you to more deeply know about yourself in that particular circumstance. Don’t listen to what the mind is telling you about the situation. Listen deeply, from your being.

There’s a scene in The Matrix where Trinity asks for a pilot program for a helicopter. In that moment the program is downloaded to her and she’s able to fly the thing that seconds ago she had no idea about.

Downloads are always coming in, showing the way, guiding us to the next move in life. When the hardwire to the mind is cut, we’re able to hear the higher self – to receive the download – the wisdom that is in alignment with our authentic self.

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“But, when no idea arises, the right ideas come. That is the true idea. If things are quiet and one is quite firm, the release of Heaven suddenly moves. Is this not a movement without purpose? Action in inaction has the same meaning.”
~ Secret of the Golden Flower translated by Walter Picca