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The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

Dear Blessed One,

The purpose of life is to come together, explore together, expand together, and evolve. The evolution that is accomplished is the organic outcome of our interactions.

As we move together in this dance of life, there is a stripping away of self, often via the exterior in order to take you in to meet your deeper self. Sometimes this happens in a flash through a “crisis”, and other times it happens more slowly. Though the crisis-leaps can be more challenging, they are huge steps to the newer you, and to Life as a whole! The extended-shedding may not be as noticeable to the evolving one; it may take someone pointing out to them that they are changing.

I’ve heard people say to me, “It seems never-ending! I feel like I’ll never wake up.” And, “Yeah but it’s challenging being in the real world and keeping tuned into the spiritual life.”

It’s all spiritual. The real world is spirit in form, which is everything. “Never-ending” is story, mind-identification, which of course causes suffering. I hear that it’s not easy, it is however simple. Just.Be.Here. Nothing needs to be known until it’s shown.

What are you looking for beyond this most precious and holy moment? What does the mind say is needed for you to be more complete, more perfect, more magnificent than what’s arising in this most amazing moment? Trying to surrender? You’ll be surrendered if that’s needed. Ride the waves…they’re perfect. They too have purpose. It is the friction needed to assist in the stripping away of that which no longer serves you and those around you.

There is a MOMENT of opportunity when one realizes they’re following the mind…
In that moment one could ask the question, “Why would I choose suffering?”
That’s what listening to the mind is, choosing suffering.
Listen deeply to the Wisdom that flows through you.
This is before mind.

Suffering happens when you have “this”, want “that”, and then make up a story about it. How can you rest with what’s here or even want what you have, recognizing that it too has purpose? You can do that by dropping whatever story you’re following and surrendering to the way the world moves. When judgment drops and fighting with how life is showing up ends, it no longer matters anymore what happens on the outside, nothing can touch That Which You Are because you now recognize it’s all That.

This is how to be in the world and not of it. Sure, you’ll still have feelings, they won’t destroy you though. They pass so much more quickly and don’t leave wreckage in their wake. You’re then able to respond to life rather than react from the seeming separate self.

Let the outside real world dissolve. It doesn’t mean it will look any different; the way you relate to everything is what shifts.

Tune into the infinite, sovereign, beingness of the light and the love that you are by listening deeply to what life is offering you in every single moment. Every person in your field is an aspect of Self that you’ve called in for your own personal evolution. Receive their gift, offer them yours, and let go of the thoughts that are saying it has to be different. The outcome is not yours to manage.

It’s soft, it’s subtle, and it’s the most natural way.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!”
~Eckhart Tolle