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The Story of M-E

The Story of M-E

Dear Blessed One,

“Who would you be without me?” screams the ego (or at least incessantly chatters).

This mind-entity (m-e) has many people convinced that figuring it all out will finally bring an end to the cyclical question of “why”. However, “why” is ego-food. It’s the hamster-wheel. It’ll keep you churning and burning and even suffering because there is no answer to the question, not in a way that will satisfy the ego anyway. Figuring it out is the booby-prize. It’s not an authentic embodied experience of God here in form. It’s like finding the answer to an equation, useful for something but it’s not the philosopher’s stone. Um, so what if the square root of 81 is 9, are you at peace now? Have you discovered your purpose?

Mulling it over and over will continue to feed the beast, giving it more fuel to twist and turn while it looks for a new angle or perhaps the thing that it missed the last time around…

The gold is in the body. God, Creator, Life is here, and oh what an exciting, mysterious, and magical discovery when you become aware of that (and so natural)! We have a body for a reason; be here.

The mind is a tool and not the master. Artificial intelligence has taken over and is running the show in so many people. True Intelligence comes in through the door of stillness within the body; it is gentle and points rather than making demands or pushing the big red fear button.

The m-e has many very important things to keep you busy in the thought realm. Notice when the m-e is throwing you bait. Some of its flashy lures are you need, you should or shouldn’t, you have to, you can’t, why, you’ll never, if only, what if, and on and on.

As you begin bringing awareness into the body, the m-e may go into great fear and get even louder – it sure did with me. It was keeping me in a loop pattern, just hovering above the open runway of the heart. The never-ending-narrator had a story, definition, criticism, and judgment about everything, and was shouting it loudly.

When I was able to feel the pain of what I was going through at the time, I would drop out of the story of m-e and into the body. It was amazing to occasionally feel bliss or peace simultaneously with the pain I was experiencing. This was when I discovered that my body had a direct connection with God, that Spirit was here in form and not in some voice just outside of me.

Life is moving perfectly, doing what Life does, expanding and contracting, inhaling and exhaling, laughing and weeping, birthing and dying. The pounding I took from the m-e was necessary to finally crack the cosmic egg. Noticing the m-e and its insidiousness while keeping awareness on my body eventually released me from the m-e. Once I was freed from the babbling beast, Creative Inspiration was able to flow through me; the Infinite Love-Force that guides and holds and directs me was now in the commander’s seat and “I” rest easily as the co-pilot…whew, what an easier flight from this vantage point.

Keep it simple. When you can, notice the mind and it’s chatter, practice taking two conscious breaths while bringing awareness into that magnificent and beautiful body. Allow yourself a few moments of feeling deeply; 70 (or so) trillion cells are vibrating with God. Wow.

Much Love and Blessings to You,

“There is but one temple in this Universe: The Body. We speak to God whenever we lay our hands upon it.”
~Thomas Carlyle