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Think Fractal

Think Fractal

Dear Blessed One,

I’m working with some people who are feeling quite challenged with the way life is unfolding for them. They have ideas that they are (for some unknown reason) being punished by God, or are a victim of circumstances.

What can I do or how can I fix it are questions I’m most often asked in regard to their experiences.

The first thing I might offer is presence. Be here without the story. Drop any definition or label about the situation and just be present with it. Let go of ideas you may have about how life should be showing up right now. Recognize limiting thoughts you might be having about how an end result could be attained.

Get curious. Have you asked for healing? Healing comes in magical ways and often does not fit the conditioned mind’s way. Have you prayed for freedom? Freedom is an inside experience and has absolutely nothing to do with the external world. Life has mysterious ways of answering our deepest quests.

Does the difficult experience remind you of any others in your history? Is there a pattern currently happening? These are signs from life pointing to a shadow-aspect of self, directing attention inward to heal an old wound, and always for your greater expansion.

It’s easy to miss the gift of the experience if one is blaming and caught in the victim-stance. The good news is, until the gift is received, we’re faced with many opportunities to receive it. This is not punishment, it is the compass of life continuing to point.

And there is nothing to fix. Life has not made a mistake. Take a few deep, conscious breaths and then see if you can reframe your perspective. Can you eliminate the old picture and insert a new one? Some possible reframes for, God is punishing me:

– What is life wanting me to see about me?
– Is this an opportunity disguised as an obstacle?
– I wonder what the purpose of this experience is?
– What have I asked for that this might actually be creating?

Hold it lightly, honor it all. Life is taking you on a ride that already has an ultimate destination. See if you can tune in to the scenery as the journey unfolds. Listen to the prompts of your inner GPS. Sometimes you might need to shut out the noise, slow down a bit, and listen more closely to the directions.

Keep a keen eye…you will know when you’ve read the signs correctly because you’ll be seeing a new landscape.

You are so very, very wise. Remember what a wonderful creator you are and trust what is showing up. Look at it from as many angles as you can without trying to figure it out. Curiosity creates openings. Openings create more movement.

No matter what you think, you are right on track, perfectly creating the next adventure needed to take you to the next most perfect moment. Think fractal.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“He looked at his own Soul with a telescope. What seemed all irregular, he saw and showed to be beautiful constellations, and he added to the consciousness hidden worlds within worlds.”
~ Coleridge, Notebooks