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This Is All There Is

This Is All There Is

Dear Blessed One,

If you were aware that your time here in this life were about to end, how long would your list of incompletes be?

Are you holding onto something for the right moment to set it free; be it an acknowledgment, a vacation, a forgiveness, appreciation, love?

What if this is all there is?

Most of us have no idea how long we’ll be here in form, though plan into the future as if it’s a done-deal. Some people neglect their own heart’s callings, and squirrel-away practically everything in hopes of having a big cushion at the end. Those folks miss the joy of living today by being focused on some perceived life in the future, which typically causes fear and anxiety as they try to make all the right decisions.

Simply stated, just do it. Do the very thing that you are being deeply guided or called to do. Watch for the opening and leap. Trust that life will catch you.

A friend often said to me (when I was in early sobriety), “Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.” I thought he was either crazy or on something because my life sure was painful, and challenging. I had a lot of ideas (programming) about how life on the outside should look in order to be happy and free. My outsides didn’t match the ideas I’d bought into, and there was a whole lot of suffering going on.

When I began relaxing my grip on some imagined future, it was much easier to follow the natural impulse of Life, and I began to recognize the beauty of just being here. All the pressure I was feeling from the future life in my mind that I thought was real dissolved.

You are the Infinite expressing in that amazing body the nuances of life in form! See if you can open up even more and allow the awareness of that to direct your movement in this world. Where is your heart pulling you? Where are your yeses? Are you resisting the gentle ushering of Life?

It’s been my experience that simple questions create openings and they don’t need answers from the mind. Just ask them and wait for guidance, synchronicity, something creeping into your awareness (usually more than once), and see if you can trust what comes to you. If you don’t follow the nudge, notice how it came and how you denied your inner knowing. When, “I knew it!” arrives, make note and perhaps the next time you’re guided, it’ll be easier to let go and be led.

The time is Now. There is no future. This is all there is, here, now. Each moment a gift, an exquisite blessing, an opportunity, divine, whole, brand-spanking-new.


Much Love and Blessings to You,


“The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake.” ~Meister Eckhart