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Under Construction

Under Construction

Dear Blessed One,

Got the flat-zone blues? Don’t worry about these times; they are just resting periods for the psyche as the body adjusts to an increase in energy.

Whenever something has integrated/healed and the energy in your field increases, often one can go through what I call the flat-zone. I sense it’s a time when the mind just can’t keep up with what’s happening energetically and so it goes into a coasting period where it says ‘blah’ to everything.

Most of us do not enjoy being in the flat-zone but it’s a sign that things are moving. There’s no need to fix it. See if you can relax into the flatness and just allow yourself to be there.

It can help the process tremendously by feeling into it. Don’t confuse this with a fix. This is actually just being fully present for what’s here. What does flatness feel like? Where is it located in your body? Does it have a texture or color? Is there emotion around it?

The most natural way of being is being present to ‘what is’. For many, it’s counterintuitive to what we’re taught. However, the natural way has no resistance or judgment to what’s here, it just sees without projections and then moves according to how ones being wants to respond. If resistance or judgment comes in as you’re in the middle of the flat-zone, be natural and allow that too! You’ll be surprised how quickly things can shift when there is no resistance to it.

Feeling flat? Allow that, and put up a sign in your mind or hang one where you can see it to remind yourself, “Under Construction!”

Much Love and Blessings to You,

“We are ever renewed by the passage of the Divine light through our consciousness. The revitalizing, regenerative power of Spirit flows from the consciousness of wholeness into our physical organism and every objective act when we give the realization of the Divine Presence free passage…”
~Ernest Holmes