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Watermelon Awareness

Watermelon Awareness

Dear Blessed One,

You don’t need to learn anything else to awaken, you are already awake. Unlearn what stands in the way of knowing that! Begin unraveling the tightly woven thought-webs that keep you seeking for You in another form. Yes, I know, but Matthew said, “seek, and ye shall find”, and at the risk of sounding heretical, I say stop seeking and ye shall find. Seek within is what I sense he was saying, that’s where someone else said the Kingdom of God is. 😉

The very act of reaching outward to find That which is here keeps you from recognizing It. In Psalms it says, “Be still and know that I am God.” So simple ~ and it works.

Be still, bring awareness into that amazing and beautiful body. Consciousness, Life, God, the Self is not somewhere else…notice what moves here in this form called you.

You are IT…or perhaps itting would be a better way of describing this movement. Life is fluid, constantly moving, changing, evolving, expanding, and experiencing through innumerable forms, all expressions of the whole.

There is no your life, or my life, there is only Life, life-ing here in these forms that seem so separate. You standing up and saying “my life”, would be like one cell in the body doing the same. You are part of the whole, just as much as one cell is part of the whole body, while in and of itself, whole.

Dive in, deeply, to the depths of what you call “I”. Feel into all the nooks and crannies of the emotional body. Dance with the edges, feel into the triggers, and go even deeper. The mind wants to figure it all out, and the gold is in the body.

Every time you feel all the way through something that gets stirred in your emotional body, or triggered in your physical body, you are giving awareness to an old, stored, unfinished owie, something that was repressed for whatever reason. Allowing yourself to feel it now, heals and integrates that original wound, and brings more of you online. Cool, huh? Not always easy though.

A simple example of a frozen experience…
I know someone who to this day says he doesn’t like watermelon. I remember how he decided that. He loved watermelon when we were young, watermelon and kids can be very messy though. He was scolded for making a mess one time too many and eventually turned down watermelon when it was offered. I remember feeling sad about that because I knew how much he really liked it. Watermelon awareness may not be standing in the way of him recognizing the Truth of who he is, it is however an energy leak; energy is being used to keep that one at bay.

What lingers in the bowels of your being?

Even with all the work many of us have done, there is still much to resolve for most of us, keep going, don’t ever stop, it’s so worth it!

Much Love and Blessings to You,

That is the whole.
This is the whole.
From wholeness emerges wholeness.
Wholeness coming from wholeness,
wholeness still remains.

~Isa Upanishad