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“We” is One

“We” is One

Dear Blessed One,

Existence is. It is constantly proclaiming, “I am here!” It announces Itself through you, through the animals, the birds, the flowers, the weather, the water, the cosmos – through everything.

You are existence, life itself ~ supreme, infinite and unbound. The only thing that seemingly robs you of this is an idea that you are something else.

Freedom is always here. Belief in the myriad projections of the mind will cast a shadow enveloping your true nature. Turning attention away from the mind and pointing it into the heart of your being begins the recognition of truth.

When awareness is no longer tuned into the mind and all its programs, an essence that is gentle and loving comes through to guide you in all scenarios.

Step back and watch as life moves. It has a natural current that carries you. Once recognized, you are able to see that life has always carried you. The mind only thought it was doing something.

Notice when mind is judging, labeling or resisting existence. See if you can lighten up; loosen your grip on what you believe should or shouldn’t be happening. Be the witness.

Resisting what is creates a power surge to the object of resistance. Let it be. Resting with what is creates an opening for movement.

You don’t have to like what’s happening in life. Pause, take a breath and notice that you are judging life from the limited human perspective. Do you really know what’s better for life than life itself?

When struggling with the dance of life, remember, “I had a dream that I was many.” Suffering comes when we believe in the dream of separation.

Jesus said when the eye (I?) is single then the whole body shall be filled with light.

“We” is one.

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“The Self–which is
absolute, effortless, timeless, immaculate–
is without limits and at no distance from you.
You are forever It.”
~ Ashtavakra