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What’s Here Without Reaching

What’s Here Without Reaching

Dear Blessed One,

Your purpose here is to live, to just let Life dance you in every moment. There is nothing beyond being here that you need to do. Yes, I know, it sounds crazy to state this so simply. However, Life does magically go before you and prepare the way. Life knows where she’s going and it’s easy to follow her lead when you are present.

You are the Awareness that is aware of every experience in Life. When attention is brought into the body, it’s not to say that that’s where “enlightenment” is, it’s to soften the distraction of the seeking mind that says you are not awake (and many other crazy things), and that something else must be “IT”.

Thoughts come and go, awareness (you) does not. What’s still here when thoughts are not? Be still and know that you are God incarnate. Holy smokes! Stop pretending that there is something more magnificent than magnificent you.

Let’s consider the words, “human being”, which is really a misnomer since most people are human-doings.

“Hu” means God, “Man” means mind, and Being; the mind of God being here in form.

See if you can let that take the pressure off of whatever you think you should be doing in your life, even if it’s not yet your experience. You can’t get it wrong. This is God’s game and when you recognize what’s here without reaching, you are free. God BEing through people (and everything else), and as humans, we get to be conscious of It. Awesome.

Practice being here. Presence is the only thing needed to become aware of the magnificence of God in form. All the pain, bumps, zigzags, and difficulties in life are fertilizer for growth. Your expanded Self has called these things in to help shake you awake. They are typically experiences that will bring attention to the immediate moment, which is what is needed to recognize your Holy Self!

It’s easy once you get the hang of resting in awareness…just waiting for your Inner Guidance to direct you. We’ve been conditioned to jump into the mind and go into a whirlwind of thoughts to try and figure things out. I used to get headaches from working so hard in the thought realm, following every thought to the end, looking for a solution through all the things I thought I knew. It’s possible to be free of that churning.

When making a decision now, I wait for an inner yes. I don’t receive “no” or “maybe” anymore. If I don’t get a “yes”, it means life has something else in mind for me, so I wait. I wait for Life’s Impulse to show me the way. It comes softly through me, not from me.

Answers from Spirit come from stillness. Guidance doesn’t come from something that I figure out in my mind while listening to a barrage of thoughts from my past telling me what I should or shouldn’t be doing. Life, here, now, defines me, over and over again. When we shine the light of awareness into the body and listen, we can feel Life’s guiding touch in every moment.

Living free is counterintuitive to what most of us are taught. There doesn’t have to be struggle or suffering. One can wake up in the midst of the worst scenarios and be full of the Joy of Life.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee And I’ll forgive Thy great big one on me.” ~Robert Frost