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When God Whispers

When God Whispers

Dear Blessed One,

Just a couple of years ago, I went into off-and-on moments of money-panic as I was very quickly depleting my small savings to pay the bills. The voices from well-meaning loved ones were saying things like, “Don’t you think it’s time to get a job?” and “Minimum wage somewhere is better than nothing.”

However, the Voice within kept whispering, “Wait.” I questioned that inner voice a number of times asking it how long I was supposed to wait, and how many things I was meant to sell before something shifted for me. I’d been waiting four years at that point.

Following fear, I finally went and interviewed for a job, more than qualified, and was offered my choice of four positions in the company. As I was going through the interview process, it felt as if a boulder had landed in my belly. My body contracted at the thought of working for this company (which sold many food items I would never consider eating or offering to someone else), and the inner voice was no longer a whisper but now a deep urging to wait.

I stopped. Yes, at times I can still move in a direction that is counter to where my inner guidance is leading me, but I can’t do it unconsciously anymore. This felt like Life deepening my level of trust and I sensed that it was very important to be still and listen to it.

Almost another whole year passed before things began to change. If I’d been working forty to fifty hours a week at a job, I probably would not have accomplished all the inner work that happened over these years. My trust in Divine Guidance would not have grown as it has (which expanded my ability to work with others), and discovering this deep groundedness in the certainty of life’s natural flow may also have alluded me.

I’ve done a lot of inner work over the last fifteen+ years; these last six have been the most exciting, challenging, and grace-filled of them all. I could not be more grateful that I continued to wait, as requested.

When God whispers, I know it’s in my best interest to listen. The ego is the voice of the conditioned mind, the past, fear. We learn how to listen to our deepest calling by bouncing back and forth between the two. The bruises that occur from following fear are not a punishment from life, they are pointers, guiding us Home.

Body awareness, heart guidance, and listening in are ways to discern between fear and Guidance. A simple way to develop your listening skills:

– Sit still with a decision and bring awareness into the body by focusing on the heart, belly, or breath.
– Notice what happens in the body when you make a decision. It might sound like, “I’m going to accept this job offer.”
– Do you feel contraction or heaviness in the body or do you feel a lightness or excitement?
– Change it and say, “I’m going to pass on this job offer.” Again, notice what happens.

Our bodies are so wise ~ it’s where the Divine guides us. The mind is conditioned and directs us from the past. The mind leading the way is like artificial intelligence taking over. The mind is meant to assist, not lead.

Practice dropping into the body, following your deepest knowing, it’s where the Juice is.

Much Love and Blessings to You,

“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them.”
~Shakti Gawain