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Wobble, Rewire, and Expand

Wobble, Rewire, and Expand

Dear Blessed One,

I’m sure you have experienced difficult times in life. Can you remember during times of struggle the challenges of the past? With a keen eye (sometimes that is what’s needed), can you see the magical effects of those challenges when looking back?

Triggers, reactions, and resistance are portals, great openings to an abandoned sensitivity – something that didn’t get full expression during the event. This is a gift from Source, a sacred offering to greater freedom. Honor what’s coming into your awareness.

Notice if you’ve become infatuated with the many details and dramas of these seemingly separate lives. See if you can observe what’s arising in the moment with curious detachment – without identification or intense importance to what’s presenting itself. You’ve called this event (or person) into your field in order to deepen, heal, integrate, expand.

The pulse of life is spontaneously arising within you responding to whatever is buried deep and at the most opportune time for your highest good. You don’t have to dig for it, if it’s up that means Life has said this is the time. It no more needs your assistance or direction than the blood in your veins does…it’s organic, a most natural and perfect process.

The source of Life itself knows precisely what it’s doing. Life knows what’s needed for Life’s next expansion. It’s not yours to control, fix, or change. When it’s time for something else, something else appears (watch closely, it might be another clue pointing, confirming, or validating something you are already sensing).

Sadness, anger…these are pointers to the inner workings of the body, not to be figured out in the mental realm. Feeeeeel into what’s stirring, that’s all one need do.

Oftentimes as something is coming up to be healed and integrated there is a sense of awkwardness, a wobbly feeling, that can be misinterpreted. Wobbly is a releasing of something old and an entering of something new…no longer there and not quite here. Allow the unravel from the tangles of the past to happen. This is a time of rewiring and expansion.

Don’t forget who you are. You are greater than the drama that the mind is creating. Let yourself dissolve out of the comfort-zone, which is just a nice way to say stagnant. You are fluid, let go and let yourself flow.

There is marvelous beauty waiting just the other side of a wobble, rewire, and expand.

Much Love and Blessings to You,


“Be strong then, and enter into your own body; there you have a solid place for your feet.”
~ Kabir