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You Are The Space

You Are The Space

Dear Blessed One,

Everything is saturated with the essence of Consciousness. It’s not easy to recognize or remember this in difficult or tragic times.

In 2008 just before I popped out of the dream of separation, I experienced the essence of Love that holds it all.

In June that year, my 18-year old cat died and two days later my partner of years ended our relationship. That same evening I was bit on my leg by a brown recluse spider, which caused great pain and fear as I watched the skin dissolve as if acid had been poured on it.

As I began to experience the losses (along with our home, the cottage we’d built for my work, etc), the first thing that happened was the heartache, great sorrow that felt like it might be endless. What was different with this grief was I did not have the energy to fight or fix it. I fell right down into the middle of it, feeling it deeply. I kept allowing it all to be there.

Then something seemingly miraculous occurred. Not resisting the feelings at all, surrendering completely to their expression, I landed in a pool of bliss. I couldn’t imagine how it was possible to be experiencing bliss. But there it was, as alive and present as the pain and it was holding it all.

During that time, I had no idea that life was birthing something new through me in those experiences. I was so completely identified with who I thought I was and where I thought I was going that I was out of touch with what’s always here.

It’s remarkable how distracted we can become from the truth of our essence. There is a divine director at the core of our being that reveals itself in every act! It’s here holding everything, constantly affirming itself with every expression.

Know that the spirit within you is infinite, free and not bound by patterns of the past. Like the prodigal son, we may traipse down many paths of distraction, despair, and confusion; the divine pinpoint of Consciousness that resides within is always directing us home (even when it doesn’t seem like it).

That which you are looking for is what’s looking. You are the space for all expression. Stop occasionally throughout your day for one conscious breath. It could give you just the space that is needed to recognize the depth of your Being. When that is seen, an inner relaxation and a resting with all phenomena occurs. Pain still comes and goes and allowing all to be just as it is, suffering ends.

Trust in the wisdom of That which animates all life. It is your core essence and is patiently waiting for your attention.

Much Love and Blessings to You,
shellee rae


“You cannot fail if you start with the proposition that Life is all there is. It is the substance of every form. As the invisible, It is the cause. As the visible, It is the effect.”
~ Ernest Holmes